Thursday, November 14, 2013


But yeah, everything down here is going pretty darn well. The missionwide goal is to double the attendence of church, and our branch has a base of 15, and we have been in the twenties for three weeks strait which means we are getting there. Its crazy how full it feels when we have all these people come. Can't imagine what it is going to be like when I get back. We are one of the only places that does not have a church built chapel, but I really like the building we meet in. Even though the chapels here are really nice and I would really like one. 

 The Zone Conference in Mercedes was soo good! We learned so much and Presidente Smith really showed us some awesome ways to commit people to pray and read. He is asking everyone to memorize them and our creencias for when we are visited by the a member of the 70 in December. Im pretty sure my zone is going to Montevideo for this, pretty pumped. But Mercedes is a pretty big city surrounded by just open countryside. That is basically all of the country. We literally drove for two hours without seeing one city. Colonia is one of the only zones that has more than two cities big enough for missionaries. This country is just wide open space. But it is soo beautiful! I love the sunsets because even when the sun is completely down the horizon is still orange because the country is so flat.

But the work is definitely moving and the spanish is coming along too! We have an investigator that we found last week that is ridiculously smart. Usually we give very simplified lessons because that is what the people can understand, but this guy was studying to be a pastor of a different church awhile ago so he just asks us about our doctrine and beliefs. I wish I could talk better because I can answer his questions very well in English but it takes me too long to put it together in Spanish to help too much. But yeah we have already covered the crazy backstory of the LdM and put all the Mormon rumors to pasture. (polygamy) But he really likes us and is preparing more questions for our next visit. I know the church will work for him because not only is it true because we feel the spirit confirm it to us, but also because from an educated standpoint, it works. If you have faith and believe in a God, then everything else can work so easily. He asked us to sign his book of mormon too, and that was pretty cool.

The thing that I always am suprised by is the kindness of the people here. They give us so much when they have so little. Even people that are not members will still give us something to drink or a snack or something, when I can see there is not really any sign of food in their kitchen. It really warms the soul and makes me want to help them. There is a family that we go to to sing to their 92 year old deaf grandma. We go so we can build a realationship with the family and hopefully they will allow us to teach them. They arent religious at all so its a bit of a tough start. But their little kids are the best. They have three little boys that like singing with us and they like praying too. Those are the best part of my day. When a little kid tells the lord he is grateful for the pastors that are helping his grandma, thats when I knew its worth everything to be out here.

It sure sounds like you guys are going to be having a pretty crazy week, and I cant wait to hear how everything goes! I love you all and love hearing how well everything is going! I am almost done with my first change! six weeks here, crazy how time flies.

All my love, Elder Degn

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