Monday, January 20, 2014

Here comes the sun...

Goodbye to Elder Dio...Spending some time before Elder Dio moves on...He is an awesome missionary!  I learned so much from him.

Colonia for P-day

Hey hermanos amados mios, como han pasado?

It looks like you guys had a killer weakend! Vegas and snowboarding in the same one? Not going to lie that theres a bit of jealousy on this end of that deal. Except the cold front got pushed out by an even hotter than ever blast of air, so I know you will be jealous of that. But there is supposed to be a couple big storms this week and then hopefully the heat mellows out after that. We have to go to Colonia every Pday because Elder Sanchez is DL and the meeting is there with the ZLs on monday mornings. So we go and walk around for a little bit with the other missionaries and eat at a Carrito and head home. Its super nice but I have been to Colonia quite a few times now and it hasnt changed, but I still really like walking around the old town.

But man this week was super crazy! I did divisions with one of the elders in our district because of my comp DL and it was sweet. It was my first time having divisions and I stayed in Rosario with Elder Ramos from Peru! (Lima north mission;) He is a stud and has about ten months in the mission and speaks no english. It was actually a blast because he is easy to understand and I just spoke spanish the whole time without the temptation to use english like sometimes with Elder Sanchez. But I learned so much from him it was crazy. He has been a member of the church for two years and has been out here for ten months! His testimony knocks people over and we contacted a lot and he is so good at testifying as soon as possible. And it makes a difference. The people can really feel the power of a pure testimony. It was a big example for me and Im excited to work on testifying more all the time.

Also this week was interviews with Presidente Smith. Before interviews we have a bit of a capacitation with him and the asistentes and that was awesome. I learn so much from him and the APs its crazy. He talked a lot about accountability and looking for solutions. It was really strong and all the ideas he gave us are things that I need to work on and Im really going to try to develop more. My interview was also the craziest experience ever. It was five minutes long but the spirit was so strong with us. He basically prophesied to me about me and Rosario. It was absolutely crazy. We both had tears in our eyes at the end just because of how strongly we felt the spirit. Really a huge blessing at this time. One of the things he told me is that Rosario can double through baptisms. He also told Sanchez that, so that has become our new focus. We are going to work really hard at talking to everyone and just finding more people and those people that are ready. Cant wait to see what happens!

You guys are awesome and I love you SO MUCH! I cant even tell you how much you mean to me and how much I love hearing from all of you and what you are doing. keep praying, the Lord will ALWAYS come through. Thank you for all of your love and support!

All my love, Elder Degn



Thunder Attack!

Hey there family, are you still alive, or snowed in? Apparently there has been some crazy snowstorms in America because every time we go to visit someone and I tell them I'm from the states they just freak out and ask about my family. Apparently its pretty bad. I know that Utah is pretty chill, but I think its funny that all these people that have never seen snow in their lives are worried so much about it. They say a lot of people are dying, so I hope you are all alright:) You guys never stop! Everyone is doing so much right now, even with two of us gone it still sounds like a team effort to get everyone around. (also, shout out to Josh, Amanda was in my seminary class last year, say hi for me. Shes a real sweetheart;)

This week has been pretty great! Elder Sanchez and I have really just been trying to get a better feel for everyone here because Rosario has such a bad past with members leaving, so we are just hunting everyone down and visiting them again after all this time and trying to get them back. Its a hard road most of the time, but there are the bright sides. Also we got a reference from a member in Colonia and we visited a family that is solid! The sister of the family was there the first time we passed by and we chatted for a minute but she had to go so we said a prayer with her on her porch and afterward she was just crying and thanking us. The next day we went back and the family was there and we had an awesome lesson with them. Mostly the dad and two sons. We gave them the first lesson and I felt so good being able to share more and the spirit was definitely felt by them. One of the sons gave the closing prayer while we all knelt and it was sweet. They are great people and I hope we get to help them again.

Also we had lunch again with one of our members!! (4th time of my mission!!) And we had cow heart and liver. The heart is actually super good. The liver is just tough and bland. The heart was super tender and the souce she made with it was fantastic. Its funny because the other companionship with us didnt really like it but Elder Sanchez and I loved it. The other Elder hear from California couldnt finish all the liver he was given, so when the hermana got up to get something I took all that was left and ate it super fast. He was really relieved and I liked it to. Not a bad trade.

Well I hope you guys have had an awesome week and that you all have fun in all of your stuff! Keep dancing, playing, and going to school, and you will go places:) Just made that up too. Like Uruguay!! We have been enjoying a nice cold front this week. SOOOOO nice. Three nights in a row of crazy thunderstorms. The other day I heard the loudest lightning strike of my life. At four in the morning I thought we were under attack. And it was one strike. The windows in the house were all shaking for a minute after and it took awhile to get my breath back. I went from dead asleep to wide awake in about half a second. It was nuts. But definitely worth the cold weather. Really a nice break we were needing.

Well you guys I love you so much and cant tell you how happy it makes me to hear how well you are all doing! Love you tons

Elder Degn