Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What World Cup?--June 30, 2014

Hey y'all, sounds like you are all super busy but all for a good cause! Fa the truth is that I miss camping and stuff like that. There aren,t mountains here so it makes me a little sad. Even though sometimes I feel like I'm camping because at night it feels the same as sleeping in a burrito wrap. But yeah, the country is pretty calmed down now, just upset at Suarez, and Brazil for buying off the FIFA. (Dont know if thats true, but its what everyone says) This week I was pretty sick with headaches and congestion and a sore throat so I finally called the mission nurse and she told me I had an infection of some sort and so she gave me meds and made me stay inside for A WHOLE DAY to give everything a break from the really cold air. Yeah, so we were inside all day for the Uruguay game...but it was still good, we cleaned. A lot. Oh and yeah, I'm a lot better now.
Also, this week was awesome! We saw the Lord´s hand so blatantly it was amazing. We were standing in the entrance of the nieghborhood of Iris waiting for her to come get us and take us to her house when a bunch of women with their kids passed us on the way home from school. We smiled and said hi to all of them, and then one came back and asked us what church we were from. Martinez was in a bit of shock, so I explained and she asked when we can come to her house. So we set something up and went back two days later and she turns out to have eight kids and lots of health problems but has been meeting with the Testigos de Jehova for a year or something because she likes learning about the bible and stuff like that (they dont event use the bible) but said that some of their questions they couldn't answer about life, death, stuff like that. All of which we DO have the answers. So we had a really great first charla with her and I'm super excited to see what this week brings!
Haha that same day when we went to visit Iris and Leo it was hilarious because they went to a party Sunday night and Leo got stone drunk. Which led to him getting heated with the bus driver, which led to him getting punched by the bus driver, which led to him spitting back at the bus driver a bunch of blood and his front teeth. Which then led to him yelling all sorts of stuff like how he can't get married to this witch and then fell asleep outside. Oh my gosh you guys have no idea how hard we were laughing with them it was hilarious!! Iris has made him promise to quit drinking now, and without knowing any of this, our plan was to teach them the Word of Wisdom. So hey, pretty good timing eh? They are going on super well and this week they are going to the temple again with the ward, and are bringing a couple friends from the nieghborhood.

We also had a fun class in church yesterday in which Martinez taught the ley de castidad with five Uruguayan mothers present. Yeah, it was a pretty interesting conversation for a 21 year old mexican about standards, morals, why this, why that, they best way for this, yeah it was a show. I just enjoyed watching. Gotta love it!
Well kiddos we are going to temple again this weekend so we are really pumped for that, and really, I love you all so much! Thank you for everything!

Elder Degn

ps, What World Cup?

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