Tuesday, February 3, 2015

See it. Own it. Solve it!

Hey folks, don't worry, I'm almost home too!!! Haha just kidding but enserio, it will be a lot nicer to get my personalized letter from everyone again, no offense to Hannah, just I'm tired of feeling like I'm going home in a week. It honestly is hard for me to believe that we have reached this point in time, and I cannot believe that Hannah will be home in a week and a half!! Honestly blows my mind! I am SO, SO grateful that the mission for me is two years, but I think that the Lord had it planned that way. I cannot imagine going home right now, I'm in my prime!!! We have got work to do!! Speaking of which, our area is exploding!!! We saw so many milagros this week that it wasn't even funny! We first off found an awesome young family that has little kids and that has had a couple of people pass away recently in the family and that really opens the door to a lot of really good questions that we just so happen to have the answers for. We basically taught the plan of salvation right there and set something up to come back and teach some more which they accepted!! On top of all of that, they are already married!! Vamo arriba!! That was honestly an awesome find! The next day we were working in a part of the area that we haven't worked very much before and a group of teenage boys playing soccer in the street yelled something quite charming about missionaries, *cough* and so we went over and started talking to them and it started out a little rough with about five of them, and then a few of them went and called their friends over and before long we were sitting there on the ground on the jimmy rigged futbol field talking about God and such with about 17 kids, it was awesome!! There were a couple that were very geniunely interested and on Saturday we went back and taught a little smaller group, but the ones that were interested were still there. Especially a 19 year old kid named Lucas had a bunch of questions and genuine concerns, and we had a great lesson with him there and taught him how to be forgiven for everything bad he has done, invited him to church and to be baptized and he accepted both, and went to church with us yesterday!! It was amazing! We were a little worried at first because the atmosphere in the chapel was a little bit cold for a new person, but slowly it got better and better and we ended with a super spiritual sacrament meeting that  just put the bow on it all. He loved it and is going to help us invite his other friends too!! Love it so much!! The work here in PaysandĂș is really starting to take off after a long time being super tranquilo. That is what we are here for, elevate your vision and get it done!! See it. Own it. Solve it. Do it! PAYSANDÚ ES NUESTRA! 

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