Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The lone wolf...Feb. 9, 2015

Hey guys this week has been great! Full of some ups and downs, but thats how it goes some times! We tried really hard getting back to everyone we had been working with these past couple of weeks, and trying to help them get going on the road. The hardest step really is the first here. It takes so much time it seems like getting someone to read, or to go to church, or to do them constantly, and with that comes a lot of diligence and patience. We taught another lesson to our young friends this week and there are actually a couple that show genuine interest, and we are trying to teach them more, but this weekend they went on a little fishing outing and werent able to go to church. Its hard with the river so darn close, actually wish that they had invited us, sounds pretty nice to be honest:) They are coming along well, we are just going to need to teach them more and asnwer their questions and they will be all set. Our other top investigators werent feeling well this weekend, so that also put a hole in our plans, but they are coming along. It also amazes me how every person you teach has a different level of understanding and can take a different pace of teaching. Really interesting actually. We are also teaching a whole ton of menos activos and that is probably the hardest part for me. So many people that have been faithful members for so long and then drop off for some reason or another. It is something that I have learned a lot about, and there are a lot of families that we are really trying to help right now and hopefully we can help them. We also went on divisions this week and I went with a Peruano named Elder Durrand that ends the mission in two weeks, and lets just say that I never want to end the mission. Between talking to him and thinking about Hannah, I had enough about the end of the mission for awhile. Also makes you realize how much you love your own comp after divisions, no matter how good of friends you are with other missionaries, you are meant to be with your comp. This week we also are going to Montevideo on Thursday for consilio with Pres. and the ZLs of the mission. I am really excited for it and the direction we are going to get from our leaders. Going to be fun to see a lot of friends again as well. Also, it has been super hot this week. Nice and crispy, just like I like it. I also got the package with protien, it got wrecked on the way here, but I was able to salvage most of it, and it is awesome having it! Thanks a ton! I love you guys so much and hope you have a good week with Hannah! Give her a big hug for me!!!

 I cant believe either that the time has come so quickly that the faithful Hermana Degn has come to the end of her days in the mission field...She really has fought the good fight and given her all to the Lord in these 18 months. It is a honor for me to wear the same name as her on my placa and represent our family here in Uruguay. Something that I have thought about is how interesting it is that when a missionary ends the mission it seems like the constant battle between good and evil that they have been fighting doesnt end. They leave but the fight continues, almost without anybody even knowing that you served or that you made a difference. No matter how much you did or did not do, the battle will always wage on. And so it will wage in Peru, and so it wages in Uruguay, and so it wages in Utah, but the Lord send his soldiers where He needs them. The hope lies in knowing that we are doing our part, not allowing the darkness to win OUR battle, letting the Adversary know that where we are there will be light also, and that he shall not win. We cannot change all the world at once, but we will change the world one person at a time. One child of God at a time. Luckily, I am not alone in the army of God. I have brothers and sisters at my left and at my right, In Scotland, Korea, The Philipeans and in the four corners of the earth I have brothers that fight for the light. The enemy is stronger than ever before, but the Lord was ready, too ready. For that reason He sounded the call to all the world that Today is the Day to defend your belief, wherever you may be. The Lord calls deciples, and he calls them FOREVER. For that reason I am here, for that reason I will fight; here, at home, and wherever I might go. The battle might not end today, or tomorrow, but one day it will end, and He will say the work is done. Until then, we will go on, and His work will continue, it cannot be contained. I am so proud and humbled to be a part of His modern day army, and to shine the light He has given me to the world, and whether it be big or small the difference that I make, I will do my best. Because the only person that knows everything is God; and I do not fear man more than God. He knows what I have done and what everyone has done, and will continue to put his soldiers where he needs them. Keep on fighting Hermana Degn! 
All my love, 
Elder Degn

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