Sunday, October 27, 2013

Buen Dia de Rosario!

Buen Dia de Rosario!

It really sounds like you are all doing so well and that everything is really humming! Mom I would like to say that I wish I was there to help you with all this de-junking, then I have a flashback nightmare of Hannahs room, so sorry but good luck! Oh and I like your new glasses, finally accepting the elementry school teacher role:) But this week has been nuts. Rosario is a pretty tough place becasue there are so many old people. They dont want to change very much because they have lived this long and been fine with what they have. It is really a chore to find those people that are willing to make the change. Oh and no, we have no one to do anything for us. We cook everything. So if you could send me some pretty cheap and easy recipies, I would be most grateful. We eat one big meal a day (almuerzo) then have cereal for breakfast and some kind of flour cake for dinner. Dulce de leche is cheap so we can pretty much eat anything. Also we do do our laundry by hand in a stone was basin in our backyard. Its needless to say I will be getting all new clothes when I get home. It actually works out pretty well.I honestly dont really mind. Since it is also spring turning to summer we get bugs every now and then. Mostly cocroaches. Big ones. The spiders arent massive though, just as big as the biggest one you have ever seen in Utah, still freaks you out for a second though.

I have met all of our active members, and they are all super nice. It is only a little frustrating because they like giving us new guys a pretty hard time in a loving way, and it is hard because I understand most of what they are saying but I cant really say much back. So I just smile and take it. That is something that is promising though, my understanding has gone through the roof. I am understanding probably 80 percent of conversations. My speaking is definitely getting better but it is still hard to talk about much other than the gospel. It is also hard to always work on spanish with my comp because he is gringo and I know so little spanish and it is so much easier to speak in english. One of our goals is to work on that.

We have a super small town in our area called Barker that we wanted to go contact on saturday. there are only two buses out there all day, so after having very little success there we started walking home. We walked probably three miles then gave up and hitched a ride in the back of a truck. Saved us. It was so hot.

Our number one investigator is an older guy named Carlos. He has an unbelievable amount of faith, he just is scared to make such a big change in his life. Yesterday we visited him because he didnt go to church like he said. He always says that he has too much pain in his legs to walk that far to the chapel. Almost immediately the scripture in D&C 89 came to my head that gives the promise to run and not be weary and walk and not faint. It was an awesome experience to be guided by the spirit than share it in spanish. The spirit really guides us, almost everytime we talk with someone I have things come to my mind that can help them. He liked the promise and then asked us for a blessing. I anointed him in spanish, which was pretty interesting, but all the words got out. It was super cool and my comp gave a very promising blessing.

Our church is so small it allows us to do everything. I have already blessed and passed the sacarament, and yesturday I gave a talk. I worked on it for awhile and felt like I had quite a bit written down and had some really good ideas. I did have really good ideas and tried to talk about it for as long as I could in correctish spanish, but I really spoke for like ten minutes. I just cant wait until I am able to speak well enough so I can get up and just talk about something like I can in English. I know I will get there.

Other than that we are just walking around all day trying to talk to inactives and non members. They are either super nice and talk, or they just turn us down. We have printed off the list of members and we are starting to visit all of them and renew their interest in the church. It will take time, but we will get there.

Love and miss you all!

Much Love, Elder Degn



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