Thursday, October 31, 2013

Old Colonia

Everything looks like so much fun! I cant believe how much stuff is going on. You are really just in your own world here. Its hard to think about Utah and normal life still going on. Life here is doing pretty good, its getting pretty hot though and during the night its pretty chilly.

We have a store very similar to an American store where we can buy quite a bit. The problem is that we live in THE most expensive area in the mission. Our monthly money is never enough to get through the month because we have to travel by bus about twice a week for District Meetings and Pdays. Its hard to live within our limits because we buy the food everyday that we need for that day. We basically have a huge lunch and then something small when we get back to the house at night.
There really isnt much of Halloween here. There are a couple stores with some stuff but its not that big. The people here are pretty lazy and laid back. Super laid back. They just drink mate and sit around. So not much of a Halloween feel going on here, but the package will be happily recieved!
The area is doing pretty good, we had our highest church attendence yesturday. 24.
We are making progress though. The people for the most part are super nice and will just talk to you, so we talk to a pretty good amount of people, just cant quite get them interested in the gospel because they cant understand anything not Catholic. Darn those catholics. Good people though.
My spanish is coming along pretty well though. I understand close to 90% of conversations unless we are talking to some of the old people that have lived here their whole lives and it just sounds like drunk mumbling. My speaking is still getting there, just going to take some time.

We went to old school Colonia this morning for a bit of sightseeing and it was sooo cool! This place is so old and right on the beach, but its crazy to think that it is just a river. From the point you can see the skyline of Buenos Aires across the river. Its crazy. I will send you some pictures of it.
Love you all and love hearing how well everything is going!
Elder Degn.


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