Friday, October 4, 2013

Cinco Dias!

¡Cinco Dias!
Thank you guys so much for the letters! I just barely got all the letters that were sent in the first two weeks of September so this morning felt like Christmas! The government holds our mail for awhile and then finally gives some after they get enough. I especially appreciate Matt´s three letters about his fantasy football team. En serio, I can't believe that I am almost out of here! I'm so ready to get out but I know that the change is going to be crazy. This last group of Latinos we got has a lot of people that are going to my mission, so it's cool to talk to them. One of my new best friends is Elder Castellanos from El Salvador. He is my roommate and going to my mission. He speaks a little English and really helps me practice Spanish. Can't wait to be companions with him in a year or so. My companion right now and the majority of my district are going to Paraguay so its going to be super sad to say goodbye to them in a few days. Elder Page and Elder Worsham and I have all promised to stay in touch so we can hang out after the mish.
This week felt so fast, and we are practically done. On Saturday and Sunday we have G.C. (so pumped) Then Monday we have all day orientation then we leave around four in the morning on Tuesday. We are going on a half hour flight to Uruguay and then who knows where from there. We will miss a P-day so this will be my last big email for the next ten days. But the last time we went proselyting was last Saturday because of general conference. We were in a much nicer area, and the people were much more polite, but we still didnt have too much success. We did place one Book of Mormon to a young woman that took if from us still with her cigarette in her hand. She seemed interested and I hope that she reads.
We have really been studying a lot about the finer points of grammar in Spanish and I realized how much harder it is than you normally think about. I always stay positive though and I know that it will really just come with time and practice. It is so awesome to see Hannah out in the real world! I know she will be awesome!  It's hard at times, but being able to stay focused and push through the hard times really make the good times so worth it.
We play a ton of volleyball here and everyone is super impressed because I can do dads between the legs backwards serve like a boss. Everyone loves it. One of my teachers Hno. Fiorimantti was watching us one day and asked if I was a professional volleyball player back in America. I said yes. I eventually told him I wasn't, but it was fun to pretend. I am also getting pretty good at futbol and Elder Simpson and I play with the Latinos a lot. Elder Simpson is way better than me but I am finally able to hold my own. The Latinos love having me for corner kicks because I can jump two feet higher than any of them. Its great.
Cant wait to talk to you all again from URUGUAY! I miss you guys and love you all!!
Love, Elder DegnInline image 1

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