Monday, April 21, 2014

Feliz Pascua!

Hey guys, glad to hear you all had a good time out there in SoCal! I
would be pretty jealous if I hadn't gone to the beach today myself. We
headed out to a pretty secluded place out away from the main part of
Cerro and it was super nice because it was just a super tranquilo
little pueblito that had a really nice beach. It is pretty cold so
there was literally no one else there so it was just nice to relax
because we are both getting over being sick and this week really wore
us out. It was really nice, even if it wasnt cali.
This week was amazing though! One of the best weeks of my mission
hands down! Jesus is doing awesome preparing to be baptized this week,
and it has been so amazing to see the changes he has made in his life.
He is even starting to stick up for our standards with his contruction
buddies too, really a stud. This week we also had two other people
commit to baptism which is going to be super awesome and also very
interesting to see how it goes gettig them on the right road. The Lord
has really put the people in our path this week too. We almost have
too many people than we can visit in our week! It is crazy! Just this
past week we found a handful of people that are really interested in
the gospel! Our area is super humble, and it is definitely easier to
accept the gospel when we have been humbled like many of these people
have, but I keep thinking about the scripture that says how much more
blessed are we if we are humble without having to be made humble.
One of the huge highlights of my week was when we were sitting at a
bus stop late at night and a twelve year old kid came over and started
talking with us. He said he met the missionaries for the first time
earlier that day in his aunts house in a different area. He told us
that no one believes him, but one day he is going to be a missionary
like us. It almost made me cry. He lives in the part of our area that
is prohibited by the mission president, but we are going to see what
we can do about going in there sometime this week. It was amazing!
I love you all soo much! Thank you for everything you do for me! You
guys are amazing!
All my love, Elder Degn
ps. Tell the Jacksons thank you for their birthday package and that I
used the cake for a birthday party for a girl in our area that is
getting ready for the mission. It turned out super good and they loved

Sunday Swag...4Americans, 1 Canadian & 1 to love it!

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