Sunday, April 6, 2014

Same old Uruguay, whole new world...

 Woman´s conference looked awesome and the girls look great! Just seeing Salt Lake is amazing. It really is the place everyone in the church love. We have members that have pictures of that temple in their house just because of how much it means. But hey, Cerro is amazing!! It is soo different but I love it so much! We are in a WARD with six missionaries! It is the sketchiest part of the mission and we are the sketchiest area. Remember how I said how beat up it looked from the freeway? That's my area. Missionaries have been robbed and we just get harrassed all the time by the gang here. Somedays they are our friends, some days not. Ha my first day walking around they threw a softball sized rock at me and missed by a foot. That's just the daily norm though. Luckily I am with Elder Davis too who is huge! I really just feel super safe just walking around with him too. He is twenty and has been out for a year and a half and is from Livermore California I think. He is such a stud and I have really learned a ton from him so far. Maybe one day I will get a picture for you guys but we literally cannot take anything valuable with us. We can only walk around with a clear ziplock bag with our books in it so you can see what we have. But it definitely makes it fun. Our house is huge though!! We live with all the missionaries of our ward for now, but the other two are moving to their own house in a week. But it is basically like a bomb shelter. We have to go through two blast doors just to get to the house that is surrounded by a huge concrete wall with barbed wire on top. And the counselor to the bishop guards our house every night just to be sure. CRAZY!!!!

But the best part is how strong the ward is! Yesterday I went to church with over one hundred people!! I didnt know what to do! There are just tons of people I dont know but that are just super nice. I have also eaten at a members house every day since I got here and it is AMAZING! I love it so much. It is crazy to see how strong some of these members are and for how long they have been members of the church.

Also my second day here we went to our investigator Jesus and committed him to be baptized in two weeks! It was soo awesome! We asked him if he would, and he was like, ´yeah, I want to, I need to be baptized.´ It was so crazy, and we are going to work a lot with him this week. We are also really working with the convert that got baptized a month ago and she is super capo. She was super sad when the other missionary left but he gave her hymns on CD so she listens to them to really make her feel better and it was wierd to just be walking through this area and just hear hymns blasting on here speakers. She is doing really good though and is awesome to talk to.

Lets just say I still feel like a little country boy that has been getting slapped around by the city these days. Haha I wont even start on the buses here, always an adventure. Just picture some crazy Uruguayan driving the trax train after the Bingham games at the U. Something like that.

Well, just know that the Lord is with us, I have seen it already, I know He protects us and gives us the strength we need. I love you all so much! Thank you for everything you do for me!

Todo mi amor,

Elder Degn

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