Monday, April 14, 2014

A lot of walking...which is good!

Zach--Hey guys, yeah I'm super jealous that you guys are on your way to Cali right now. Have fun and tell Matt good luck. That is a fun tournament and I hope they do well! I got the package from Gaby, so thank you very much for that! The goodies were very well appreciated and the socks too. The new shoes were great but they blistered up my feet super bad. I wore them for two days than could barely walk so I went back to the old ones. Maybe it isnt a good idea to walk five miles in your first day with new shoes and ten the next, so I don't know, but it hurt pretty bad but the blisters are all healing up pretty good now. Its the thought that counts right?

Today has been pretty sweet! We went in to cuidad vieja a little bit and looked around and then went bowling with the six elders that live in our house. It was super fun and I also had Micky-Ds for the first time in seven months. Not too bad but still not quite as good as I remembered it. Pretty fun day riding buses and not really knowing where we were going.

This week was awesome though! WE have been working working a lot with the less actives and we had some great lessons with them this week and had just about all of them commited to go to church but then there was a huge rainstorm on Sunday so none of them ended up coming because they have to walk a bit to get to the chapel and when it rains a lot of people don't come. This week we´ll get em though!
We also had an awesome experience with our investigator Jesus this week! We went to visit and taught him the law of chastity (which is kinda his problem) We read about 15 verses from Alma 39 without stopping and explaining anything and afterwards he was just quiet for a few seconds and then just was like 'alright fine, you came to me with hard words, and I can't deny the word of God!' We were both a little bit in shock and we didn't really have to tell him much else. He just took it and we have got him back on track for his baptism in two weeks!

We also have an awesome old guy in our ward that goes out and works with us for a little bit every week and this week we were in a chat with a woman that just chooses not to believe in God, and he just pulled out his book of mormon and said 'God, I dont believe in you.' then opened his book and read the first thing on the page, it was the chapter heading of Alma 31 and it really hit her. It was crazy. The Lord comes through when we act with faith like that.

And yeah it is getting really cold here. I sleep with my chargers blanket and the big blanket that the mission gives us when we first get here. I like it a whole lot more than the heat though, so I won't complain.

I love you all sooo much! Thank you guys for everything!!
The church is true yall!!
Mucho Amor.

Elder Degn

Me and elder davis went to the almacen del oobispo too this week. Pretty impressive.


 Fun times at the Bowling Alley!


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