Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day was the best (this is Zach's mom)

Hey guys! What have you been up to in the last couple hours? It is so crazy that we talked yesterday. It really doesnt even feel that real. But it was fantastic! You guys all looked so awesome and it really made me miss you all a ton. I'm also really glad to hear that the other cousins round the world are doing good too. Its crazy how fast time goes by...
But this week was still pretty darn good! I went and dropped off Elder Davis in the terminal tres cruzes on tuesday and slept on the floor of the ZLs house for a couple hours then got my new comp Elder Martinez! He is from Veracruz, Mexico and has been out for a year and almost seven months. So far we are getting along super well and he is really funny and it just feels so good to be speaking spanish 100% again. We had really some awesome visits this past week and commited a bunch of people to come to curch but the mothers day beat us out. The one day of the whole year for some people that they see their family, so we didnt get quite the turnout for church that we were hoping for. But this week will be the week!
We also had been trying to meet with a woman in our area that invited us to come over almost two weeks ago but we kept missing each other when we called or went to visit, but finally got to sit down with her this week. She was very interested and actually knew quite a lot about us because her mom lives in centro montevideo and has gone to a bunch of churches and one day prayed for God to send her his servants. The next day the missionaries contacted her house. So now she is really interested and just from our first lesson she has accepted all the commitments and we are super pumped about her!! We are also helping our super humble investigator Eloy progress to his baptism. It has been awesome teaching him because he is very humble but just genuinely kind and a good person. It has been interesting teaching him the commandments because they are all things that he knows are bad for him but that he just does. He has commited to stop all the things that we teach him about, and really is moving foward really well!
It really was awesome to see you guys yesterday! I cant even tell you guys how much I miss you and love you all SO much! I loved hearing your voices, but you should all just stop growing up please. Thanks for everything you do!
Con amor,
Elder Degn
ps. I read Mateo 16:24-end of chapter and it really made me think. Its super good.

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