Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 19, 2014

Hey kiddos! It really sounds like everyone is doing really well and that the life still hasent slowed down one bit back there. Good luck to everyone with all the activities this week! Today we are just having a super chill p-day mostly because Im a little sick, but nothing too bad. Ive just got a pretty bad cold mixed with some flu stuff, but Im going to go home to rest soon, so no worries:) Also that is awesome for Tyler! I cant believe he is already all grown up! My guess will be Mexico. That is the promised land. After Uruguay of course.

This past week has been super good! We had a capacitation with Elder Zeballos of the 70, and it was here in Cerro with the three zones of montevideo and Colonia and Mercedes, so I got to see all my friends from Colonia which was awesome! The meeting was actually really good and I learned a lot from Pte. Smith too. He talked about prayer and the importance and the power and the promises of prayer. It was really something that I have needed to improve and make more sincere. When you pray 15 times a day its difficult to not get repetitive sometimes and to make every prayer special and sincere. Elder Zeballos taughts us the importance of having an eternal perspective and seeing these people as people that need to go to the temple to recieve ALL the saving ordinances. He also talked about pushing ourselves to find our true potential. It really was a great meeting.

We are getting ready for a baptism this saturday too! Our investigator Eloy is going to be baptized! He is such a good guy that is really humble nd just willing to follow the Lord and accept what he needs to do to follow him and recieve the blessings that he is looking for. Im super pumped for him!
This Sunday we had two investigators come to church from my area that we have never seen before, and they were just super awesome and really wanted us to come to their house but when they were telling me thier address I realized that they live in the nieghborhood we can't go into. So bummer. But I am going to talk this week with Pte. Smith to see how we can get to them and what will be the best way to teach them, so our hopes are still high!

I also did divisions this week with Elder Merril from Lone peak that just started and it was litterally one of the funnest days of my mission. He is a total social network bug and we talked about twitter and stuff I've never heard about and music I have never heard about but it was just super fun. I had to keep telling him to keep his voice down in English because we were really getting some iffy looks from some guys, but it all turned out well!

Well kids I hope that you guys have a good week and that you enjoy the spring/summer weather! It is very, very cold. And winter hasn't officially started. Giddee up.

Love you all!!

Elder Degn

ps, this is the Rosario family now, everyone that has been there since we showed up.





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