Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Conference? Yeah!

My most dear associates, I hope you realize that the true power of conference is only truly appreciated once on the mission. I went into it feeling like I was going to be watching the super bowl. The only thing missing was the huge pan of seven layer dip or wings or something...but I did the best I could! It was awesome to watch the talks in spanish though! All the gringos watch it in English in a separate room, so we just changed the transmission channel, and watched in spanish, it was crazy to see it in general conference, but it was awesome! It was also crazy because when the portuguese guy spoke, those times where you hear their voice and not the translation, I actually understood almost all of it. Super crazy, but awesome right!?

I also saw my boy Ty John in the choir, and made my whole day! Shout out to that stud!

This week was honestly nuts!! We were running around all week inviting everyone to the conference, and we had multiple promising investingators say there were going to go, and we were sooo pumped for them to see the living profet and apostles!! We take for granted how privileged we are to say that we have TRUE apostles and profets, called of GOD. It has been awesome teaching people how men called of God will speak to us and answer the questions and doubts that they have. We honestly had so many miracles happen this week and I was soo excited to see what was going to happen at the conference. We had a family that we contacted and were invited right in and had a great conversation with them and invited them to the conference and said that they were going to go, and then we found Elizabet. She is the neighbor of an old investigator and we talked to her outside of her house a week or so ago, but went back to visit this week, and she is a lovely little 60 year old grandma that is sooo evangelical, but said how she has a burning curiosity to know about our church. She has been looking for something and had just a ton of questions, and it was so fun to just use the bible to answer questions with her, then slip in bits of the book of mormon without her knowing because she still wasnt all game about that. That first charla was awesome, and she asked for our names and didnt want the Elder Last name business, and despite our work, we couldnt get out of it. I told her my name is in the old testiment. And she got to Zacarias pretty quick. When we came back a few days later, the first thing she said was, "vos sabes Zacarias, que yo voy a ir a tu iglesia." I almost cried, it was beautiful. She was all set to go on sunday to the conference. Then during the conferences I had the craziest mix of feelings ever. I loved all of the talks, and watched in shock as almost one by one, the speakers spoke exactly about the questions and doubts of the people we were teaching. The only hard part was that none of them went. It was really disapointing, but we are going to be using these messages to help them. It will happen!! Elizabet also called in between conferences to say that she could not go because her husband that is a pastor of another church wont let her and wont let us come back to her house. It cut me real deep, but we arent about to give up, she was soo sad, and I know we will be able to help her. Right when we were about to give up hope, we had one person come that hadnt been to church in over 10 years. She loved it and is looking prime to make some big steps in her life! The Lord always helps out when we need it. I know without a doubt that this church is true and that we are lead by God himself. I loved all the talks, like Prs. Uchtdorf, and Elder Christofferson. Elder Robbins came to our mission three months ago, and his talk hit me real hard. Never forget which way you face! Alma 48:17

I love you all so much and am so glad to hear that you are all doing wel!! Thanks for everthing!!!

Con todo mi amor,

Elder Degn

Shooting hoops before Priesthood session

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