Monday, October 13, 2014

Good bye fleas!

Well there kiddos glad to hear that you all had a good week, made me real jealous to see you guys out in the wilderness like that. Haha its funny to see it getting cold, it is starting to get nice and toasty here again. It rained almost all this week, but not before we got a nice taste of that blazing brazilian humid heat. Really though, this is the second hottest place in Uruguay, and we will be buying some nice sombreros soon to protect our faces. Gonna be looking fly;) I also got my card this past week which was awesome! Thank you so much for getting that taken care of. I especially enjoyed that you remembered what picture I had on it before.

We had a pretty interesting week to be honest, we got our house sprayed to get rid of our flea infestation. (Poor Elder Bentley, they like the fresh blood) I didnt get it too bad, just my ankles and forearms. Finally got that taken care of though, going to be sleeping a little more peacefully now... Also I am now officially a counselor in the Bishopric along with one of the other missionaries in our ward, Elder Berry. He leaves most likely next week, so it will be interesting to see who comes in his place. It has really been interesting to be real on the inside of the ward, and it is great to finally to be able to help the Bishop who has been basically been doing his job solo that is really too much for anyone to take. He was holding up really well, but there is a reason that he is supposed to have help. He has gotten better really just knowing that now he has the two of us to help him out a lot more. It will a interesting experience, and Im excited to learn about how the system works, I'm directing sacarament meeting next week, so we´ll see what happens!
This week was actually surprisingly impacted by all the rain, and we had a hard time finding many of our people again to visit, so we are still in the dilema of getting all of these investigators to church. However, like always, the Lord always gives us just a nibble to keep us going. There is a 73 year old man that we visit that was baptized 48 years ago, and hasnt gone in 46 years, named Hernesto. He worked for a really long time in the campo, so he could never go to church, then here he has always been scared to leave his house and little store he has in his house because he doesnt want to get robbed. So for a long time we have really been trying to help him figure out how to fix the problem, and he put chains on one of his doors that doesnt lock, and we found a really old lock in our house that we gave to him to lock the chains shut. After doing just something so simple, he rode his bike to church twenty minutes early, and participated for the first time in 46 years! It is really the best feeling ever to see someone that comes after so long and is finally able to get back on the path!
We have got a few of our investigators right now looking at the conference online and seeing what they think about it, and this week we are really going to be working hard to get them moving and find more people! Also, you guys should go check out Elder Bentleys blog, he writes a whole lot more than I do. He also makes me feel like a old missionary, just praying for one letter every week while he just gets showered by love by his family and special friend. #missionlife. But I love you guys all the same, comin through in the clutch!! Thank you guys for everything, I love you so much! Have a good week!!!
Todo mi amor,
Elder Degn


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