Sunday, October 5, 2014

#merica--letter from Sept. 29, 2014

Wow. Im not going to lie, those pictures really made me quite jealous, it looked like an awesome trip and I'm really glad that you guys were able to go out and have a fun trip by yourselves. Im sure that it has been way too long since that happened. Then I realize that I am in Uruguay doing the best thing in the world, and I feel better:) That's crazy though that you guys ran into Elder Jewkes and Elder Ogden! I was honestly just joking around about that stuff, didn't think there was a chance in the world...Just hope that you guys kept it professional during Oktoberfest.
But for us, this past week has been crazy!! We have been trying soo hard to find people that will progress and come to church because in all my time here we have only had one go. It is a lot bigger commitment than sometimes we think, especially if they are active in another church. We have invited so many, and have some awesome investigators right now! We right now have three that are some of the most intelligent minds I have ever dealt with on the mission. With Jorge, he has been Evangelical for a long time, knows the Bible back and forwards, but we have had great discussions with him about the restauration and baptism, and we have really got him thinking right now, which is a great place for him to be. We started visiting with one of the sons of a old member that just knows all the mormon myths and has a lot of questions about polygamy and Book of Mormon proof. We straight up read out of DyC with him, and explained a few things as well. (Side note, how many Nefite cities are there? 38. Learned that from him.) But yeah, he knows a ton. He also works in the psych ward of the hospital and sticks up for us like crazy there. He fights with the Evangelical people that work there to keep el libro de mormon in the library and invite us to visit the patients because they always invite pastors. So we have definitely got a bro in the hospital right now, and we will probably be visiting some people there this week. Then we had a aweomse charla with Aldo, who was really hit hard by Alma 32:16-21 that we read with him. He is just looking for the truth, and waiting for a awnswer. I honestly love visiting these people so much! It is some of the hardest charlas we have, but it really makes it all the better! The church is so true!!
Then just to top it all off, we were walking down the main street in the area and we were called down in English by a old classy looking guy, we went and he got out of his cute little red Ford smart car, blaring a really jazzy version of "la bamba" and invited us to his house the next day. So we went and it turns out that this dudes house is actually a super intense museum!! We were both in shock! His name is Antonio and speaks four languages. His english is alright, but we talked the whole time in it. But it is basically a historical arms museum, so I was in heaven. Every time we looked at something he was like, take it, play with it, see how it works. It was actually unbelievable! Elder Bentley and I were just like little kids in a candy store. He invited us to eat, drink wine, drink water, and come by whenever we need anything. His son works for the embassy in Brazil, so anything we need from there, he says he's our man. At the end after swapping numbers, he just said, "Now we are friends." Yep, I love the mission.
The work is moving so fast right now, and we are so close to breaking this place right open!!
I love you all, and thank you so much for all that you do for me and our family! The church is soo true!! Also, look out, I'm getting pretty good at Futbol. Heads up Abby...
Todo mi amor,
Elder Degn
ps. Ligit US marshall badge, winchester rifle, and colt revolver. #merica.
pss. I still havent recieved anything, but mail day is tomorrow and district meeting, so I will hope to see it all there! Thanks for everything!!

 Elder B. flipping pancakes!

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