Monday, December 2, 2013

Feliz Deciembre!

Feliz Deciembre!

Man December already? It is really hard to believe, mostly because its like 90 degrees and super humid every day. I pray for rain alot because it gives us about two days of cooler weather. But man, Thanksgiving really looked like a blast. Its so fun that everyone was able to make it, everyone just looks so much older when I am out here. The truth is that Thanksgiving just came and went for us. I might have cried a little on Wednesday night when I thought about all the pie I wasnt eating. (I didnt, but I did miss it) We went and painted again for the less (NON) active woman again on Thursday and she fed us lunch which was great. Some rice and potato and hot dog mush held together with a lot of mayonnaise. A lot. They love it here. I ate two plates no problem, but when she asked us to finish the rest, the third plate, nearly did me in. Quite the Thanksgiving feast eh?

Well this week has been really good. We went to one of our pretty active sisters houses and her and her daughter had both been having some health issues. Her daughter has never at all been even the slightest bit interested in the church, and this was the first time we ever talked to her. We reminded the sister that we have the priesthood and asked if she would like a blessing. They both said yes, so we gave them both a blessing. This was my second time doing the annointing, and after the first when Dio basically told me the whole thing as I said it, I worked hard to memorize it in Spanish. So I was able to annoint both of them perfectly in Spanish and it makes all the difference. We gave them both blessings to help them and you could see that it really made a difference for them. It was super sweet.

I have also realized that I dont talk enough just during lessons and while we chat, so one of my goals has been to talk more. I have really started doing that this week and I can really see the difference it makes. I am able to share a little bit more than I could have, and things really just come. It really makes the difference to me when I am participating in trying to help them, and seeing that they understand everything I say really gives me the boost I need. The Lord needs us to try our hardest in order to bless us, and I am definitely seeing that.

Also in church this week our just baptized investigator was confirmed into the church. Our District President was there, (stake president if it were a stake, he is president over all the branches in colonia) but he and our branch president and my companion and I were the only ones in the circle, and that is the first time I have ever stood in on a confirmation, and man, they are awesome. They spirit is definitely there when you confirm someone a member of the church and give them the gift of the holy ghost. It was an awesome experience and I cant wait to do it again.

We have one or two really promising investigators right now, but we have found some poeple that may really be ready to hear the gospel.

Well im really glad to hear how well you are all doing and that you can kick this cold bug going around. I have really been blessed to not have gotten sick like that yet. Well I love you all and hope you enjoy this first week of December. I love you all and cant wait to see you all soon!

Much love, Elder Degn



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