Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Is it really the last day of 2013? I can't believe it. Four months already. But it was sooo good to talk to you guys on Chirstmas! Execpt everyone just seems so much older and I dont know how much I'm ok with that. Looked like an awesome time and I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your time off.

So, we didn't go to the temple which really bummed us out. The trip got canceled the day before because the was not enough people from the district of Colonia that were signed up to go. A little disappointed, but all is well. Presidente Smith is starting something this year where a least one zone will go to the temple every month, so it shouldn't be too long. I gave some money to my ZL to buy me some scriptures when they go to montevideo this week for concelio.

Also we got our changes and I am staying in Rosario and Dio left for the zone of Cerro, right outside of montevideo. On Saturday we had a celebration with pizza and cake and everything and had a good time, then on Sunday night we had to travel to Colonia because all the people leaving Colonia left at five in the morning on Monday. So on sunday we also learned that my comp was arriving at midnight and that we had to pick him up from the terminal when he arrived. We were with the other elders from our house because one of them was leaving too, so we walked around Colonia a little bit and went and watched the sunset at the beach. It was beautiful and I loved it. Not trunky at all. Then we went and picked up my new comp Elder Sanchez! He is from Paraguay and speaks very little english, but we speak spanish together all the time anyway. After staying the night in Colonia we went back to Rosario and got him all set up and talked a little bit about the area. It made me realize how much work we really have here. Elder Sanchez just came from a solid ward in Mercedez, where they had an awesome system of members and good relations with menos activos y todos. But in Rosario we have none of that. But we are going to change that. He is coming in with all the energy that this area needs. He knows how to do things right, and Rosario is going to change. Yesterday we went out for the first time and visited one of our members and a couple of investigators and it was great. Elder Sanchez is really good at tying everything back to the gospel very quickly and really bringing the spirit. Just from yesterday I was able to see a glimpse of light that we havent had in awhile. I'm super pumped for this change! Its also very nice to just speak spanish. In these two days we have been together, I have improved so much. I can't wait to get even better.

I loved so much to see you and talk to you, and I hope everything continues to go well!! I love you so much and cant wait to hear from you again!

All my love,

Elder Degn

ps. This is our American tribute in the plaza de deportes. No idea.



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