Sunday, December 29, 2013

I'm Mr. Heat Miser...I'm Mr. Sun...

Fa, Snow already? Ive never been so jealous of snow in my life. I will always enjoy winter so much more now. But I've actually gotten used to it now, so its just a fact of keep moving even when its super hot. But wow, sounds like a pretty crazy week for you guys. Of course the week before Christmas always is, but even with all your other stuff going on now, good work balancing all the time. Christmas break is basically my favorite time of year. Just relaxing and doing nothing but watch tv, play xbox with my boys, and eat good food. The best it can get. I also recieved my package this week! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was super nice to get all that stuff, and the beef jerky almost brought me to tears.

So this week has been a service oriented week. I dont know why everyone chooses to paint their houses in the beginning of summer, but that is definitely the trend here. We went last week to a friend of one of our members who has built a little apartment in the back of her house to rent out but needs it painted first. We went last week for the first time, then twice this week. We spent about fours hours working each time and then she fed us lunch which was clutch because it is the end of the month and we are crunching down on the little money we still have. But it is interesting to see how the people are different even here. This woman is all about quality and is pretty well off. The building was very well built, but still just cinderblock and tin. But you cant paint on cinderblock, so the first two days we primed the whole thing by painting a cement mix on it. Which doesn't wash off very well in the shower. But it all worked out very well, and actually looks pretty darn good if I say so myself. We also went a different day to a different investigator to finish painting their house we started last week as well. Really turning into the pretty seasoned painting crew here. But it is really nice to get to work and just help people out for free. That makes a big difference to these guys.

Also we had our branch Christmas party on Saturday and it was very interesting. We invited all the members, inactives, and some investigators, and it was attended by about five people not involved in planning it. A little bit of a let down, but still a good night with those that came. It was a little awkward because it started three hours late because our relief society wasnt down making the gifts for everyone. Once we started it was good and had some really good food, then after eating the missionaries had a couple songs prepared, but it turned into just a group sing along which was really fun. We had a fun time just singing everyones favorite hymn and then some christmas ones too. Music is such a strong tool to bring the spirit. That is why we start every lesson with a song. Usually a duet between me and Dio. ( We are getting pretty good)

Also, last night was one of the coolest things ever! Our number one investigator Dante is super active in his Valdense church, and he invited us to their christmas worship service/musical program. We called Presidente Smith and got special permission to go because it started at nine at night, and was in their church. The program was in the back of their church and there were just a bunch of seats put out. It was wierd to have a christmas summer out door concert. There were two choir groups that performed. The Rosorio choral group performed and were super good. They did a bunch of a capella numbers and it was really good. Then the church choir did their performance which the story of Christs birth mixed with a bunch of songs. It was really interesting to watch and over all very good. They had a great turnout and they all looked at us all very disapprovingly for the most part. We just smiled the whole time and said hi to a lot of them. Dante was a champ by introducing us to the pastor and some of his friends, and they were all super nice. Even invited us to socialize after and eat with them. Thats the Christmas spirit for ya. It was an awesome performance and it was a big deal to Dante to have us there to support him. Gotta love it!

Well kiddos, cant wait to talk to you all in a few days! Keep up the work and see you soon!

Love you all,

Elder Degn


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