Sunday, December 22, 2013

Too hot for Christmas!

Hey there kiddos!

Man I cant believe its already almost Christmas!! Thats crazy! It sure looks like a bunch of fun and I do miss this time of year back in the states. How is everyone feeling with the new bish in the house? Pretty crazy Im sure. It will be sweet im sure of it. Im glad to hear the meeting went so well, not surprised, our ward is great. I was just thinking yesterday how I have not been to a Sunday with more than thirty people since I left. Sure miss that ward. Also, tell the Jacksons thank you for their package. It was great to get some stuff from them, especially the American quality toothbrush. You can also tell them the whole package was thouroughly searched by customs. I opened it and all the little packages inside were opened very roughly. But I think I still got everything. Im surprised they didn't take the orange sticks.
But this week was great! On Wednesday we went to Montevideo to hear from Elder Gonzalez of the seventy and it was awesome. He pretty much just asked us what were the biggest things we were having problems with as a mission and he based his remarks off of that. The things we gave him were people not getting married but having a family and living together(all the time btw), working on Sunday, smoking and drinking(everyone as well) and just things like that. He was really good and he tied everything back to aumentar su fe. Building faith in Christ is how we can overcome all these things. If we have faith and believe all these things can happen, then through Christ it WILL happen. It was really a sweet meeting and we all got to personally meet him and give him a hug. Also it was the first time I met Hermana Smith because she was sick when we got here. When we went by and shook her hand she only talked to me in Spanish which she is still struggling with. Its funny because she thought I was latino. Once that spanish gets there....

Also this week we went to contact a reference of our recent convert Carlos. He warned us that she probably wouldn't want to talk about religion because she was super catholic but that we should still visit her. We went and knocked on her door and the first thing she did was invite us in and have us sit in the main room(Never happens) and within five minutes we had a drink in our hands and she was asking questions about our church. I was stunned at what had happened and how there was a eighty year old woman was able to function and have the energy this one did. I dont know how much we can get in to her because she mostly just asks out of an acedemic mindset, but hopefully we can make her see how true it is.

Also we met with our number one investigator a couple of times this week and he is crazy. His name is Dante and he is the smartest Uruguayo I have ever met. He goes to the Valdense church, but knows so much. He has read the church website and asks the craziest questions. We have already covered D&C, temples, eternal life, and polygamy. its crazy. But he came to church yesterday which was sooo sick! He started talking to a couple members and got along super well, so hopefully we can help get him moving a little better with their help.

Well folks, I hope you guys enjoy this week and the weather. Still sweating 24/7 here. It's pretty bad to just be used to having sweat running down your face and arms. People say we have this glow about us, but really its just sweat glistening on our foreheads;) I sure love you guys and cant wait to hear about all the great things this week will bring. Bendiciones!

Love you all,

Elder Degn

ps- This is me and my dad and my grandpa. He is finishing the mission next week, so this is the last family portrait.
And a picture of a room in our apartment.


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