Sunday, March 23, 2014

A little rain never spoils the party!

Happy post birthday! It was definitely a different experience, but it was one of my favorite birthdays I've had. I really missed being with you guys and for the most part it really doesn't even feel real. It mostly just came and went. Haha we do the same thing everyday so its different when we have a reason to celebrate. But the mission pays for you to buy ice cream which was amazing! Haven't had ice cream in such a long time. So we went and visited some investigators and then went and had a little party with some members and it was actually super fun. One of the sisters made a cake and I don't really know what kind it was but it was fantastic! I felt super special too because basically everyone that lived over there knew it was my birthday and they aren't in my area so all these people I didn't even know came in and wished me happy birthday! It also rained more than any other day in my life, so we walked through the streets flowing with water to the party, but it was definitely worth it.

And the best part was that on Satuday we (Rosario) had a baptism! It was the investigator of the other elders but its a super big deal for the branch! She is such a solid person and is the sister of one of the members that was baptized a year ago. They are such good people, they are the ones who did most of the work for my party. Her baptism went perfectly and afterwards she bore her testimony and it was rock solid. She quit smoking in less than two weeks to be baptized, it was fantastic to see how happy she was.

We are working with Cristina right now still hoping for this week. There are a couple of things we still have to address with her but it I'm hoping it all still works out for her this week. This is the last week of the change, so I dont know if I will be here if we have to wait another week for her. Its going to be tough to leave Rosario, I really love the people here. We´ll see what happens, I will know on Sunday what happens.

Well kiddos, I love you all and missed you guys tons this week! I hope you all have another great week, and I would be perfectly fine not recieving any photos from California if its alright! Thanks!

Todo mi amor,

Elder Degn

ps. Its Elder White´s birthday this week, so we are going to be partying de vuelta!




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