Monday, March 3, 2014


Hey kiddos. This week was crazy!! Carnival has started and the country is going crazy! We are a pretty small town but it sure knows how to party. If there was any reason to celebrate nothing but to throw all morals out the door and just party, it is carnival! It started last night and will last all week. This morning when we left early for Colonia we saw a lot of people just going back to thier homes. We just kinda have to steer clear of the plaza once it starts getting dark. But hey, party on.

Also this past week, one of our investigators, Ariel, {that judges me for being american sometimes} had us over for dinner. And it was FANTASTIC!! He said he was going to cook something spicy. And Uruguayans are such whimps about spicy food. Like just a little bit will kill them. So he had us over and cooked something mexican. It was a huge pan of grilled meat, chicken, potatoes, onions, peppers, and it was amazing. I was just laughing the whole time because I felt like I was at home. And because it was sad to watch them suffer. It was pretty hot, but he had tobasco sauce to put on it, and I layered it on and enjoyed it while I watched them all drink a glass of coke after every bite because it was too hot. American pride right there. Thats how you know I was brought up right. They all thought I was crazy, but it was the best thing I have eaten down here. Hands down.

Also this week we had another lesson with Cristina in the chapel and talked about the doctrine of Christ. We invited the wife of our Branch President to come with us, and it was awesome. She taught a ton and just shared her pure testimony of the gospel and how it can make you happy and really can change a person. Cristina was just crying the whole time and saying how that is all she wants. We went into the room with the baptisimal font (pool because we dont have a real church) and we talked about baptism. We explained how baptism is literally the beginning of a new life and we felt the spirit so strong. In this moment I asked her if she would be baptized. She said yes!! We are working to get her ready for the 22 of March! It was awesome and it felt so good to have a lesson so strong with the spirit. It was also a testimony to me to the strength of the testimonies of the members. That is really one of the key reasons she felt the spirit so strongly. Va arriba!!
Well this week is going to be super sick too because on Thursday night we are going to Montevideo for zone conference! We are staying in the hostel over night and going to the temple in the morning!! So pumped!! I havent been to the temple since my first day in Uruguay, and I need it. Then we are having Zone conference after then coming home late Friday night. Its going to be a super sick week!!
I have heard from a lot of friends about Lexi, and it is hard to believe. I know that I only know a bit, but it sounds miraculous already. That must be so hard for the family, but they are such strong people. Lexi has one of the strongest testimonies I have ever known, and I know that God is with her and will stay with her and her family through this. Pray on!!

Well my very dear friends, keep on keepin on!
Love you all so much, thank you for everything that you guys do!!
Todo mi amor,

Elder Degn
We helped a teacher move her things into a school.  Fun to be back in school!

Look!  I've grown!

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