Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hastening the work...

Wow sounds like the party just never stops with you guys! Keep living it up and good luck to all of you guys! Sometimes I really do miss how crazy our lives used to be(still are I know). But those days just bring back a lot of good memories with yall. But the world keeps turning, sometimes too fast. I dont really know where you guys got the idea that changes were coming up, Ive still got a month to go. Thanks for the support though:) Also, if you still have that birthday package open, fall and winter really are kicking in pretty soon and I need sweaters or the like. Black and grey por favor. That is how you live down here. The mornings are pretty brisk already, which I really enjoy, but it still gets humid enough to sweat your lunch off. And thank you for the shoe! It looks sweet! I cant wait to wear it when its companion gets here! They are probably the nicest shoes I have ever seen. Thanks!!

This week has been pretty crazy. Like usual I guess, but it still hits me every time. We had the opportunity to go to Nueva Helvecia to see the broadcast of the general priesthood area broadcast and it was awesome! We heard from the area seventies and Elder Rasband and Elder Ballard. It was awesome to be able to translate everything ahead of the translators and be more than 85% right. And it was nice to hear a talk in english too. But they talked about the how the Lord is hastening his work and how we need to do our part. It was crazy because I felt the spirit soo strong. I cant really describe it but when Elder Ballard testified that the Lord is hastening is work right now, it gave me the chills. I am a part of that work and we are all asked to help Him in His work. Really loved it. A nice spiritual boost I needed.

Also things are progressing very well with Cristina! We had some good lesssons with her and she came to church again and is reading the Book of Mormon with us explaining the things to her. She really likes it and we are going to extend her a date this week!!

We have also had more really good discussions with Dante and we are really trying to find out the best thing we can do to help him. Its interesting how different every situation is but that the gospel fits in with all of them. Its just a matter of acknowleging how He can help us.

I know that He can help us in every aspect of our live. It is just up to us to accept him!

Keep up the work you guys, I love you so much! Thank you for everything!

Love you all!

Elder Degn

So there is a member here with an artistic talent and he makes stuff for our chapel. We like the sword. A lot.



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