Sunday, June 7, 2015

Eloy! I love this man...

Hey my dear family!! With a full heart I send you my love and especially to my boy Mafatu. I had a sharp feeling of deja is impossible to forget the sweetness of victory or the bitterness of defeat. I'm grateful to have experienced both. Defeat makes us work harder and be better. There will be more games to be played. #traditionofexellence 

This has been a great and very, very, very, busy week. It was the week of changes and all the ZLs of Montevideo spend the day in the bus terminal sending and receiving missionaries to and from all over the country. It was very exciting seeing all of the missionaries ending the mission arrive early in the morning and head to the mission home and then later see all the new missionaries arrive with their companions to head out to their new area, mixed with all the friends I saw in between and it was a crazy mix of emotions the whole day! Thankfully everything worked out very smoothly, and we were able to sleep all night;) 

We were running around like crazy after that trying to get to all of the people that we needed to visit. We gave Katy her first triple (Book of Mormon, D&C, Pearl of great price) and she was so excited and we explained it and read some together and she understands so well and wants to just keep learning! We visited the mother of Juan, he is still in the hospital taking care of his grandpa, so we have only been able to talk with him over the phone, but he was so disapointed to not be able to be baptized on the day we had set up, but he is reading the Book of Mormon still and has completely quit smoking! His mom was telling us how she can't believe that he just up and quit. She offered him the other day a cigarette and he told her that he doesn't want to smoke and doesn't feel the need to anymore. So he quit!! It was awesome for us to hear and we are really excited to see him again and help him get to his baptism! 

Speaking of victory and defeat, I recieved a call on Saturday from the missionaries in Cerro 1, my old ward, and they were with the bishop who told them to call me because my good friend Eloy that was baptized while I was there was killed in an accident while he was  riding his bike. It was very unexpected news, and I felt that sudden surge of mixed emotions thinking about my old friend, and I felt peace. Grateful for the knowledge I have and for the privilege that was mine to get to know Eloy and help him learn about the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel that allows us to find peace and comfort in this hectic world in which we live, and to have faith and hope for something more glorious than we can presently imagine, the eternal life. Eloy was one of the most simple and practical person I have ever met. He was so humble but had a large heart, always helping people without being asked. I was looking forward to seeing him again before I headed home, but now I will be waiting a little bit more to see him again. But I know that I will! I love this gospel and I know that this is the true church of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. In his name, Amen.

I love you guys tons and am so grateful to be in this family!!
Todo mi amor,
Elder Degn
ps. I sent Elder Bentley off to Brazil this week, most likely the last time I will see him in the mission. I love this guy so much! Brothers for life!!   

 My friend and awesome missionary, Hermana Dow.

Elder Bentley!!

My sweet friend, Eloy.

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