Thursday, June 18, 2015

We look cool in our jackets:)

Hey everyone, glad to hear that you are all keeping busy now that school out for you boys...;) That is so crazy that dad "found" KJ! How was that even possible? Super crazy! Luckily dad doesnt ever have to travel to Uruguay so that he doesnt "run into" us here in Montevideo:) Haha but for reals though that is sweet and funny that he waited till the last month of Elder Patterson, couldnt have waited? Nah but we are doing super good here, today we are just doing the normal, trying to stay out of the cold. It is now freezing cold, inside and outside. I had a cold on Saturday because it dropped so fast, but I'm doing a lot better now. Like it never even happened. 

This week was great though! We had interviews with Pte. Smith, which felt kinda wierd because it was my last one until I leave. It was nice to be talk with him and receive some last council. We also had divisions with the APs this week, I went to their ward in Downtown Deo with Elder Trucolo (Argentino) and had a great day! I learned a lot from him and we taught really well together, it was different for me because I have never had an area in this part of Montevideo. I felt like I was a tourist the whole time. I probably sounded like an idiot the whole time making comments about how nice everything was and such. It would be wierd for me to have an area like that, so I'm glad to be out in Cerro.  

We also finally got back in touch with Juan, and true to his word, he is all set and ready to go! He has quit smoking, he is reading the book of mormon, and is getting ready to be baptized next week! He brought his whole family to church this week and is just doing great!! 
Then on Saturday we had the baptism of Edrian that was awesome! The whole family went and a bunch of people from the ward went to support them. Like always there has to be something that goes wrong, this time it was the water-heater. Didnt want to run for a long time, by the time we got it going there wasnt enough time to fill it with just hot water, so the water was just a little-lot colder than enjoyable, but he was a trooper and got it done! It was great for the family because the brother did the baptism and the dad did the confirmation. They have a daughter that lives with the boyfriend and now they are going to church and he is really interested and doing a lot to learn about the church. I've got a really good feeling about him, he is a great guy and really open to learn more.
Needless to say, we are really excited now for this week and to see how everything pans out! Thanks for everything, I love you guys so much!! 
Elder Degn
ps. Somos de PeƱarol!!
and I did recieve the package that dad sent before mothers day, thanks for the protien!!

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