Monday, June 22, 2015

Elder Gonzalez last P-day!!!

Hey what's up everybody!! Sounds like everyone is doing good, it's hard to believe that it is summer full-throttle out there because here it is super cold. I definitely like it more than the heat, so I won't complain. (And because every house we go to gives us hot chocolate or cebada, that helps a lot too:) Today has been really fun, Elder Gonzalez´s last free pday! We went for one last  pass for the ciudad vieja, ate at subway (his favorite) and then went and played a  couple of  games of pool at the same place we go to do bowling. Haven't played pool for a long time but it was super fun and Gonzalez plays super well. He took me to town the first game but I was just breaking the rust off and handed it to him pretty good the second game. Really fun though!!

This week has been awesome, even though we had a lot that didn't pan out our way. First off, Edrian and his family are doing sooooo goood!!! This week they sent us a text asking when we could come by to start teaching the boyfriend of the daughter. Out of no where this guy is super motivated and is really interested! We had a good ward activity and talked with him a lot there and built a good relationship, then went to their house the next day and the guy has already read all of first Nefi! We just looked at each other shocked! He knows a ton and understands really well and we have some really big hopes for him, he would help this family out a ton. Out of no where this family has basically become the most active family in the ward, so awesome! 

Juan is doing well, just a  bunch of little things keep getting in the way. A big miracle that is happening in his life right now is that out of nowhere he has re-kindled the relationships with all of his siblings that live close in Montevideo,  which has been awesome for them, but almost every weekend someone invites him to go spend a couple of days with their family and he always goes with the intentions of getting back for church, but we all know how it is to get away from family sometimes....joking;) But that is really the only thing that is keeping him from getting baptized right now. A little frustrating but it will work out here in a couple of weeks. 

We are also in the full fury of the copa america, and on Saturday afternoon Uruguay played thier last placement game, and we knew there was no way we would be getting into anybodies house without getting stuck watching the game, so we went out to  Santa Catalina, a litte part of our area outside of casabo, looking to have a charla with Katy, but no dice. We started walking around with no one to visit, and a guy that we  had talked with before in the street (while he was  really drugged up) invited us over, he was outside of a little shop cutting wood with a axe. We talked for  a minute  and  asked if we knew how to cut wood, my comp said no, I said yes, and he wanted me to go for it. The family that ran the store came out and we talked with them, and the guy really wanted me to cut wood, so I took off my coat and chopped a little bit for them. After hitting the huge stump as hard as I could a couple of times the owner showed me how you've got to cut it in pieces and work towards the center because it was rock solid. Then they put up a smaller one and in two swings I split it real good and  left them all impressed. There is a video on the girls facebook page somewhere...I´ll be looking it up when I get back:) It was really fun and we built a good relationship with them, but my hands and arms still kind of hurt...;) 
This is Elder Gonzalez´s last week and we are super pumped! It really doesnt feel like he is going home, we joke about it but it doesnt seem real. Its gonna be a great week!

I have learned a ton recently about the Law that God has and the proccess that is requiered to fulfill the law and recieve mercy. Really awesome stuff, Alma 42 is full of it, something so simple yet so profound. Look it up. 
Thanks for everything guys, I love you all so much!!!
Elder Degn
ps. Edrian and his brother Nicolas!

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