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Justice & Mercy--June 1, 2015

Hey everyone thanks for all the good wishes. Sounds like everyone is doing good getting ready for school to get out. Hard to believe that it is that time of year already...Time really flies by! This week has been great and today was really fun, we headed out early to the centro for probably the last pass through for Elder Gonzalez. We might get out there one more time before he leaves, but we kinda just treated itlike it was going to be the last one, so we spoiled ourselves a litle bit:) You know, nice gifts and a subway lunch, doesnt get much better:) Gonzalez and I have been getting really well and we have a great time with each other. I am learning a ton from him and I feel like he is my brother. Just the other day there was a moment where I said something and it was one of those things where right as I said it I knew it came out wrong and because we know each other so well I knew he didnt take it right either, and we talked about it and fixed it all not allowing it to grow and become something big in between us that is really something super little. It is awesome to have a comp that you get along with well enough to recognize those little things and avoid little problems. I jsut felt like I was talking with a super good friend avoided a unwanted problem. The little things you learn in the mission....;) 

This week was really a great week though! We visited the family of Juan that is still really tied up looking out for his grandpa in the hospital, but he was operated on this past week and should soon be released and is going to stay in the house of Juan´s family and so we will be able to get back to teaching him and getting him back on the track to baptism! He is super excited though and doing great!

We are also working with a family that is recently re-activating themselves and they have a son that was married to a girl that is also a member, and now they are really active as well and getting things set up so they can be sealed together in the temple which is really exciting! They also have a nine year old son that we are teaching, just helping him get ready so he can be baptized as well, which they are all super excited about! They are a great family and are really excited to be back on track. They have just about every cool thing ahead of them in the church, and their excitement is obvious and  just shines off of them. We are excited to help them out as well, and they are  really just doing great, families are so happy when they are progressing in the gospel. 
We had a lesson this week with a young couple named Rocina and Christian. We had a lesson with her about a month ago which went really well but then it got complicated and we couldnt get a hold of her again until just barely and her and her husband (they arent married, even though it seems like it...) were both really excited to have a lesson with us, and they came out to the church to do it. We taught them about the restauration and answered a bunch of questions they had, which always makes for a good lesson. During the part of the first vision there was a very strong spirit and it was one of the few times that you see in the eyes of the  other person that they understood, and that they felt it. I dont know how this will all turn out, but Rocina has a special spirit, we felt it and saw it. She is really smart and has a strong catholic backround, but we could feel the desire she had to know more. I have high hopes with them and the future!! 

Well folks, I sure love you all and love so much what I  am doing! This gospel is amazing, Elder Gonzalez and I have been studying a lot together about the Justice and Mercy God and the role and conditions of the atonement...something so profound, yet so simple. Alma 42 amongst many. Great stuff. I know the plan is real and perfect and true! And that we all need the atonement to make it back. We are on His conditions, not ours. Thank you for everything you do for me everyday! I love you all so much!
Con todo mi amor,
Elder Degn
ps. The great city of Montevideo!

 I finally got my scripture covers!!  I love them!

 The great city of Montevideo!
 It is getting colder...

Still got the throwing arm...skipping rocks

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