Thursday, June 12, 2014


Hey folks, happy summer I guess! Im glad to hear that the boys are done with the funnest part of the year;) Its funny that the first week of school is when I left... time flies eh? Today has been a really fun day though! We did a little self tour of Montevideo with a couple of the other missionaries in our zone and it was actually super fun! We went to the centenial futbol stadium that is super old and walked around it a little bit, then we went to the other (nice) side of montevideo and walked along the beach for a little bit. The only reason we can do that is because its winter here. But it was still really sweet to see the parts of the city that I have never been too. Montevideo is sooo old and I really love it. Today we saw some of the really nice areas, and I could totally live there. Just sayin.

This week was really good too! We have gotten Eloy all ready again to be baptized and he has quit smoking with the help of his nieghbor and friend Hermano Arce. He is probably close to 80 years old but a year ago he was baptized. He was a serious drinker but he quit so he could be baptized. Oh he is also basically deaf and we have to talk very loud strait into his ear. It makes charlas super fun that way. They are both just such genuinely awesome people and are very humble. I really respect them so much and genuinely love them!
Our family that we are working with are also doing great! This week they started all the paper work so they can get married. It is a bit of a system, so it is probably going to take three weeks, which is good, but we will know our changes this sunday so and either one of us could go, and it would be super hard to leave these guys. But they are reading the book of mormon and we invited them to a noche de hogar and we watched the testements and it really was a spiritual experience for them. We have got a lot to teach them still, but they are taking everything perfectly!

This is also going to be a big week for us because this thursday we have a conference with Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the presidency of the 70. It is Montevideo but in the other mission, and it is with everyone of BOTH missions! It is going to be awesome! He was the mission president of the other mission a few years ago, so it will be great to hear from him. Our stake is also having a huge activity in two weeks and the missionaries are the choir and we have practices three times a week. The stake is focusing a lot on this activity to bring new people to get to know the church, and it is going to be fantastic!

Well you guys thats about it, looking foward to another really good week ahead! I hope that you guys enjoy your time, in or out of school:)

Love you guys!

Elder Degn

ps. Me and Martinez in the stadium


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