Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shout out to my man--Tyler John!!!

Hey there, I have to start out with a shout out to my man Tyler John, that is soooo awesome!!! I cant believe he is heading out east! or west....far away! That is going to be soo good! Im glad to hear that you all had a good week too and that everything ended well even though Bingham did not pull through for another championship. That is crazy to think that was all a year ago, time is flying for sure. Haha I dont really remember ever sleep talking before the mission but I guess that it is something that I have picked up down here. My comp keeps telling me that I sleep talk in English to him, apologize, and then translate it to spanish. Thats how we do language study;) Oh and also this week I have officially become a south american missionary. I got bit by a dog. Not terribly, but it drew blood. It was super random and I was not expecting it at all. We were in the house of Jesus and his dog just jumped out from under the car and bit my leg super hard then went away. Im just hoping I dont turn into a werewolf or something.

We have had a super awesome week though, and this week is going to be even better!! Our investigator Eloy is struggling a little bit still so we werent able to baptize him this week, but we are going to be working with him a lot to get him ready for two weeks from now. I just feel for him because he only smokes to take the nervous edge off his mind, and he still is looking for a job, so he has been pretty stressed recently. He is such a good guy and I want to help him out so bad,now we just have to help him shake this little vice.

Yesterday was probably the biggest miracle I have ever seen. We first of all had a HUGE attendance, 155! I dont really know how it happened, but it was amazing. The best part is that a woman came with her husband and daughter that was told by a menos activo member to come to church. She came for all three hours and we had a good lesson with her and the other investigators and new members, and when we talked to her to find out where she lived it turns out she lives in Riveros. The neighborhood we cant enter. We told her this and she was obviously disappointed. She quickly just said that there was no problem and that she would come to the church for us to teach her. I just kind of stood there in shock and said alright. This Saturday we also have our ward temple trip and we have invited everyone! We mentioned it to Iris, our new investigator, and she said without even blinking that her and her husband would go. It was just too good to be true!! We teach her tomorrow and we are gonig to see what we can do about going into this area to go to all the members and everyone else in there. We´ll see what happens.

But yeah, we have been working super hard with a bunch of members to get them pumped up or the temple this week, and it is really going to be a great day! Im so excited to go and help in the baptistry and to just be with these guys as many of them are going for their first time. Its going to be awesome!

Well kiddos, I cant tell you how glad I am to hear that you are all doing well, and I cant believe that school is almost out! Finish strong eh? I love you guys so much! Thank you for everything!!!

Todo mi amor,

Elder Degn

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