Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Semana de Milagros!

 Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I cant believe that you boys are basically done with school because I left when you guys started....yeah time passes quick. Im glad to hear that you guys finished strong, a rest well deserved! (stick it out girls:)

This week has been amazing but just so you know that today we went into Montevideo again to go walk around and go bowling but the bowling was closed so we just went into the Ciudad Vieja to see some stuff and get a gift or something. It is a really nice day and we went to a couple of stores and entered into one right on Plaza Independencia and were shocked to see all the hermanas of the zone and montevideo there with Hermana Smith (mission presidents wife). They were all going to go bowling too, but went to do a little shopping since it was closed. Hermana Smith is super super super nice and let us all choose some things that we wanted and hooked us up pretty sweet. We also talked to President Smith for a little bit too which is just wierd that we ran into all of them just walking around. (Miracle one)

But really, this week was AMAZING! We had our ward temple trip on Saturday and we worked super hard to invite as many people as we could to get ready and make plans to go with us. It turned out sooo good!! We had our investigator that is getting baptized next week, Eloy, go and Jesus went but didnt go in, two other recent converts went that have really been working for it, and our family of gold went too! The four missionaries that went split up so that one of the missionaries that the investigators knew was outside with them at all times, so I was with Elder Lamb and we went in and worked in the baptistry for about an hour and a half. The missionaries cant baptize so we rotated between witness and registrator. It was still an amazing experience to help and work in the temple. I havent been in the baptistry in a long time, and it is such a beautiful thing. So yeah, the temple trip was definitely a huge success!!!

Now I have to tell you guys about our family of Gold. Iris and her partner Enrique live in the nieghborhood we cant go in but a recent convert that lives there told them to go to church so they went two weeks in a row and we taught them at the church when they came. Iris is absolutely prepared to do anything. At the temple we talked with them about marriage and everything because she strait up asked me when they can get baptized. (Mind blown...) We talked with President Smith and the Bishop and we were able to go in because Iris has offered to walk in and out with us because she has lived there for a long time and everyone respects her. So yesterday we went with the bishop and had a amazing chat with them and they are going this week to get the paper work done and get a date set for their wedding!! It is super complicated here to get married, so it will probably take three weeks to get it all set. Until then, we are just going to get them ready and all the other people that live in this neighborhood that have been waiting for the missionaries to come back! I honestly dont know what we have been doing to deserve a miracle so big. It is amazing how the Lord works in people and prepares them for his word. God is great, and his work will never be frustrated. I love what I do!

I really hope that this week you guys enjoy the sunshine and warm temps and the crisp Irish breeze;) I love you guys so much! The church is true and no tatoos!!

All my love,
Elder Degn
This is me and Elder Martinez at the temple.


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