Friday, July 3, 2015

Adios Gonzalez!!!

Hey everybody! Can't believe that Hannah is already getting back down to her Peru!! I'm jealous of her even though I am still here in Uruguay! I hope that Josh and Dad have a good time, it sounds like a blast! Hope josh enjoys the feeling of not understanding anything. Basically the first two or three months in the mish;)

Well the time has come, my good man Elder Gonzalez is signing out tomorrow. He has sprinted to the end and has been a huge example to me in many ways, he definitely helped me out more than I was able to help him. I do know that we both learned a ton together, and two changes have never gone by faster than these two. I feel like the mother that let her son go and serve in a far-away place, just that now I am sending my brother back into the world in which we live, having seen him completely dedicate and consagrate himself in this time, now having to adapt but keep doing what he knows he needs to do. I love this guy and I am really going to miss him. He was exactly what I needed to get me ready for my LAST change....can you guys believe that? I cant....but I am definitely going to be going out on a BLAST! My last companion in the mission is going to be.........Elder Neilson!!! One of my best friends in the mission! We were in Rivera together for four changes, then lived together for two changes in Paysandu, and now he is stepping up to the big leagues and coming down to Cerro to be my comp! I can't even explain how happy and pumped I am!! This is going to be the best change ever! Gonzalez is going to head out to the mission home early tomorrow, and I will be spending the day in tres cruzes, helping out with changes, always a blast;) 
But apart from all of that stuff this week has been amazing! The first miracle was that the packages that you sent for the both of us got here the last mail day that Gonzalez had. We were both sooo excited and loved everything, thank you guys sooo much! It honestly came in the perfect moment, Gonzalez was really happy, it meant a lot to him. He says thanks. 
This week was super crazy as well because of the copa america, I dont know if you guys have been watching or seen anything, but lets just say that the Uruguayans have very good reason to be furious with Chileans, and they are. Very very very very upset. Every house we go to it is just back and forth in good humor, but you can see that it hurts inside;) Haha now when people ask us in the street where we are from or something he says America or Mexico or something, haha it has been super crazy!
Everyone that we have been teaching is doing really well, Juan is right there still moving foward, the Ramirez family is doing SUPER good, turning on all wheels right now. I cant believe the change that has happened in them, and they just keep going foward! We have also been imensly blessed with another family that we have been teaching off and on because they havent really had a place where we could go visit them, but they finally settled down and we went this week and taught them about the book of mormon and it was fantastic! Rocina, the mother, is so smart! I have already said something about her before, but she knows so much and just takes everything in stride. When they found out that Gonzalez was leaving, they invited us over for dinner before he left, after our THIRD visit! They are awesome! We ate with them last night and it was great. They are so good with us and are just genuine people! I love it!
Well I just want you guys to know how much I love you all and how grateful I am to be where I am and do what I do. Couldnt have made a better desicion in my life. 
Thanks for everything!
Con amor,
Elder Degn
ps. Did I forget to say that Gonzalez is a jerky addict? Because he is!

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