Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Golf outing...July 20, 2015

First off it is super weird to see Nate and KJ home together, it feels like just the other day it was me and KJ there by ourselves...It me up with a foto of Joe as well if you can! Glad to hear that everyone is enjoying their summer activities, we are having some beautiful weather here so we cannot complain one bit. This past week has been AWESEOME! Especially with this pday, there is a ton we did, so I will try to touch on everything. There are two or three golf courses in Montevideo, and there is one in Cerro, actually in our area, and there is a hermano that plays in our ward, and so we set up to go with him to play golf, so early this morning we headed out with him to go hit a round and it was so dang fun! Elder Neilson plays super well, and apart from it being super windy, and breaking off some rust in the first holes, we played really good for not having touched clubs in so long. The course is so sweet becuase it goes right along the beach on the bottom of the cerro and I felt almost like I was playing at Pebble Beach...almost;) President Smiths son Jerry plays really well so we invited him too and so he came out and played a couple of holes with us. He played a ton before they came down to Uruguay and was getting pretty big if I understand right, so it was fun to see him play. Lets just say that yeah, he´s good. He is a good kid and it was fun to hang out with him a little bit as well. After golf me and Elder Neilson went on the scenic walk down by the beach and it was such a nice day we just sat and drank it in looking over the harbor and seeing Montevideo. Such a awesome view and a amazing city. I love it!! Neilson and I are also wearing our gaucho bombachas (Gaucho pants) trying to just look kinda classy:) So yeah, that was today, and besides having my face super windburned and having sore hands, it was a pretty sick day!
This week has been incredible though! It has been a little frustrating with some of our people because really dumb little things keep coming up that get in the way of their progression. Not them not wanting, just having hard things coming up in very inconvenient moments. But we will get there. This week we were teaching a hermana that is coming back to church and her grandson walked in and we starting talking to him as well and he is a very inteligent guy that has looked up a ton of information about tons of ideas and that has honestly watched to much of Discovery Channel programs about aliens and the bible and stuff like that, but lucklily i too watched those programs so I could answer his questions! Haha not really but it did make me think about mom telling me to not watch those shows. We were able to answer a lot of his questions and he was really interested and we are going to be going back to talk to him again this week and give him a book of mormon to read. He said something that really impacted me though, he said that there are no limits, the only limit is ignorance. It really made me think about that, and its true I think, the only thing that keeps us from being able to do things is the lack of knowledge to know how to work or how to do a certain thing. That motivates me to learn more about everything! In the mission I have felt a very strong desire to learn about a lot of different things especially including the gospel. Recognizing how little we really know and how much we need to depend in God is something that helps people stay humble and not letting pride rise up in their hearts. There is so much that we dont know nor understand, and the more we look and work hard to learn, the more the lord will bless us in our efforts. 
The week went really well and the ward is making some huge progress right now, and it all got topped off yesterday with a awesome turnout to church! It is so nice to see fruit of the labor, even if it isnt all we wanted, it was a big progress! When President Smith served his mission in Uruguay 35 years ago, Casab√≥ was his first area, and there a a bunch of people that are still here from that time that we still work with (and him too) and so he comes out every now and then for church. After church there was a hermana that is a good friends of his that wanted him to go visit a family that we found with her this past week of menos activos that knew him. (pte smith) So he asked if we could go with him there right then. Of course we said yes and went cruising through Casab√≥ in his car which was super different and went to visit that family and he helped them out a ton, then they told him about someone else that still was around from that time, so we went to her as well, and then she told us about her two daughters that Pte baptized when he was there, and so we went to go find them as well, and it just turned into a big chain treasure hunt. It was amazing to see Pte with his converts and friends from his mission and see him give everything to help them and bring them back to the church. It was amazing to see how well everyone still remembered him and those times, it was something very special for them. Elder Neilson and I just felt blessed to have been with him and help him help these people as well. Really a awesome day for us! 
The work will always go on and there is nothing in the world that can stop it!! I love what I do and I love so much where I am!! 
I love you guys so much, thank you for being the best family out there! 
Con amor,
Elder Degn

 Heel click of Victory!!

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