Monday, July 6, 2015

What? Our moms together?

Well this is probably been the craziest day of my life! The week I get made companions with one of my boys you guys meet his family! That is sooo nuts! We were honestly both freaking out so much when we saw those pictures! The world is such a small place! When he got here he told me that his family was at aspen grove and we were thinking that maybe his parents would tell Scott, but we had no idea that you guys would all meet up...really cant even believe it. But it is super awesome! They sound like great people, I cant believe they have so many connections to our family too! It has been soo awesome to be with Elder Neilson already, he has a year and two months in the mission and is already helping me out a ton with everything! It is basically like having my brother come down to be my last companion, couldnt have asked for it any other way. 

It was weird to say goodbye to Gonzalez, he has already written me and sent a bunch of fotos, he says thanks for the package, he loved it. Speaking of that I got the other package of ties and Presidents book! Haha I had seen it before but it was weird to have my own, we looked over it and the majority of that stuff he has taught us out here, combined with gospel principles. Really good stuff. 

Our week was cut pretty short for the changes and such and getting ready for the mission leadership meeting which is tomorrow, but we have already had some awesome charlas together and Elder Neilson is a natural. It is awesome working with him, for his time he teaches and works very well, and is really helping me continue to improve. He gets along really well with all the members so far, and we are seeing some big steps being taken by a lot of people we are teaching. We have made some good goals and this week is going to be great getting to everyone and helping them keep progressing!

Im so excited for this change and to be where I am, and to have this time to make myself even better, there is pletty to do. 
Thank you guys for everything you do for me and for being the best family I know! I love you guys so much!
Con amor,
Elder Degn

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