Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Little reassurances...July 14, 2015

Hey there guys! I sent you guys all those pictures not because I feel jealous about all of the peruvian pictures, or the pictures of KJ...but they are all sweet fotos for reals! Making me really excited to go out to peru someday soon!! You guys have also got to give KJ a big hug for me!  Im sure you are all wondering why we are writing  today, it was because yesturday we had a big zone conference with all the Montevideo zones, so we had pday pushed to today. It was a sweet conference and I really learned a ton from President, and we are changing a couple of things in the mission to be more efective and use all the tools we have been given to put in practice the Area plan that we have recieved. Every zone conference all the missionaries that just started and that are ending give their testimonies, so that meant me. I couldn't believe that I am the ending group of missionaries, and it was a surreal feeling, especially because I had a ton of friends there, and it just felt weird thinking that it was my last time. It was really cool because after sharing my testimony I had a huge peaceful feeling come over me. Just a little reasurance I think, it made me feel so good, and soo excited for the last month!

Today has been really fun with Elder Neilson, this is his first time serving in Montevideo so I gave him the pretty good personalized tour. We hit up the pocitos beach with the Montevideo sign, and then played pool and ate mickey-D´s in cuidad vieja. It was super fun and it was great for Elder Neilson to get a feel for the other end of montevideo, we dont really get out of the cerro very much, so it is nice to see the other parts of the city and get a feel for a big south american capital city. He has only been in the interior his whole mission, so it is fun to see him getting out of the small-city boy feel. 

This past week has been great though! I absolutely love being with Elder Neilson! Apart from being one of my best friends he helps me so much to be a better person and missionary. He has such good desires to work and to be obedient that I find myself trying to work harder to be better just to keep up with him. Our big highlight of this week was with the Ramirez family. We went and tought about the gospel of Jesus and Diego told us that he really wants to get baptized! He told us that he really wanted too but that he couldnt because he wasnt married. We talked to them all about it and the importance of the family (luckily her family is a pretty darn good example) and they decided that they are going to start getting the paperwork going to get married!! We were soo pumped!! I was a little worried about how it was all going to happen, but the Lord just keeps showing me that I dont need to worry. Diego has such a genuine desire to learn and do these things, and I am so excited to see things working out for them. It can be a pretty complicated process, so Im really hoping that they are able to get everything done alright. 

We had a great charla with Juan again this week but for some reason he didnt come to church, but he acts the same and is still excited about everything so we will are really going to try to help him make it this week. 
This past week we also had our mission leadership meeting and we learned a lot more about the plan that the Area has made for the wards here to put in practice, it has been taking awhile to get everything going because they are some pretty big changes, but now we understand everything a lot better and we have made big steps with our ward which has sooo much potential! It is a awesome ward, and if we are able to get this all put in practice this place is going to explode! I love this ward and Casab√≥, there is no limit to what we can acheive here! 
Also this week we read the book of John pondering the relationship that exists in between the Father and the Son. Really made me feel a lot closer to my Heavenly Father and made me want to be a better man and be always willing to do His will. If you have time, I recomend it.
Thank you so much for everything that you guys do for me!! I love you tons!!
Elder Z. Degn

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