Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tower of Terror...not really!! July 27, 2015

Whats up everyone! Wow this week sounded and looked awesome! Congrats to the boys for the baptism of Jake and Luke! You boys all look dang good in white, have I told you that? For reals though, thats soo cool! Also cannot believe that Clayton is married! Wow, thats soo crazy! All the cousins are looking so old in all of these fotos I hardly recognized much of them. Also, yes, very jealous of mom and dad, that sounds like such a fun trip!! Couldnt have waiting another week to make it a trip for three?;) Haha nah jk you kids go have a good time, feliz aniversario! 
Today was really fun, we went bowling for our zone activity and it was tons of fun to be with the whole zone in that little underground bowling place. It really looked like everyone had a really fun time, and it was fun to be together with the whole zone. Our zone is so big area wise that we are hardly ever together, so it was fun to be together for a little bit. Elder Neilson bowled really bowled well for not having been in so long, and I pleasantly surprised myself with my performance, the best I have done since Ive been here. After that we went and saw some sights and went to a big builing that has a little look out from one of the top floors that looks over all of Montevideo, and it was sweet to get a arial view of the city. We rode up to the 22 floor in a elevator that faces outside, and it felt a little old, and about half way up I had that feeling like I was on the tower of terror and that it was going to let us drop, haha but luckilly it made it just fine.
This week was also so cool! In our area there are sooo many people that were baptized in the past two years, more than we can help at the same time, but we have been working really hard to help them keep learning and stay strong and progresing in the church, and this week we had a huge pay off. We had a ward temple trip for new members and we got to go to work in the bapistry with them. The temple is the ultimate goal for us and all of God´s children, the majority of them went for the first time to do baptisms, but there were two sisters that went to take out their own endowments. One, Elizabeth, was baptized a little more that a year ago, and recently recieved her patriartical blessing which was a huge spiritual boost for her, and now recieved her endowments, and the truth is that she came out a changed person. It really helps us so much to open our minds and to strenghten our relationship with our Heavenly Father. I have been studying a lot about ordenances and convenants recently to help teach and prepare these people for the temple, and it really made me realize the importance that they play in our lives and in God´s plan. We need covenants to be able to progress and make our way toward God, and through sacred ordenances we recieve and make covenants. I love the scripture that is in D&C 84:20. The power of God is made manifest in the ordenances. We can only recieve the saving ordenances once for ourselves, but the Lord allows us to go to the temple so we can still participate in the ordenances and feel of His power and spirit. Other thing, ordenances for our ancestors, such a blessing. We spent a long time explaining that to a couple of people this week and it really just makes perfect sence, its just hard to wrap your mind around the first time. It was honestly such a great experience to see all of these people that we have been working with make it to the temple and see them all dressed in white, the feeling of equality is amazing. Everyone looks so good and happy in the temple, no matter circumstances they may come from. Its a beautiful thing. 
Also Diego and Yanina went and started the paper work for their wedding!! Diego wants to get baptized so bad, and so they went and got everything rolling and on saturday had a big party to celebrate their engagement! He is super excited and is coming along awesome! I am really hoping that they are able to get married before I go, we will have to see, it is usually a kinda long process. Its going to be cutting it close, but I dont think I will be here for the baptism. They will know for sure what day they get married NEXT week, so hopefully it works out alright. This family is awesome!
This past week and this week right now we are going through a bit of a person focus shift. It is interesting seeing the changes in who you focus on and teach throughout the course of a few months, but we are working close with our ward leaders to see some really good progress and follow the plan of the area that we have recieved to work on TOGETHER. There is so much potential here and we are still looking for those that are the most prepared to progress at this time. It is going to be a good week! 
Thank you guys so much for everything you do for me! I love you all soo much!
Con amor,
Elder Degn
ps. Me and Elder Neilson in the overlook of the city! That is the cerro in the backround, we live almost at the top!!

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