Friday, January 2, 2015

Blazing hot December--Dec. 8, 2014

Hey guys, happy blazing hot December!! Thanks a lot for sending the video, it was awesome!! I cant wait to talk to you guys soon! This past week was one of the craziest of my whole mission, just for all the stuff that we had to do as the zone leaders. I sent poor little Bentley off to the cold harsh real-life world of the offices on Tuesday night, slept the night with the missionaries there, then the next day we were going back and forth between Brasil and Rivera picking up and sending off missionaries all day. My comp Elder Toledo is a boss! He is 20 and has about 20 months in the mission and works like a mad man! After he got here we had a last minute special change the next day so we were running around the bus terminal, then we had to go house shopping for some Elders in the zone, and some other really fun stuff like that:) Really just crazy to think that now I am in charge of getting all that kind of stuff taken care of. It is also sweet because a ton of my friends from earlier on in the mission are here, so it is awesome to be with them and work with them as well. So we finally had a little bit of time to work in our area, and Toledo and I are really trying to get a lot of things moving. We are trying to focus on getting the members to go out and work with us, because really that is the best most effective way to get the work here done. Every member a missionary is taken literally. We are starting to see a lot of light in people that before wasn't really there, and the desire starts to form in them. Something interesting to me is how every person progresses in their own way at their own pace. Everyone goes through the same process but maybe at a different pace. That is why we just help them come to Christ, it is the only way. This time of year is getting intense here with the heat (SOOO HOT) and with the parties and crazy shopping that goes on, and we are trying really hard to spread the word on the ¨He is the Gift¨ pitch of the church. It is awesome and so fun and easy to talk about and share with people. We literally invite almost ten people everyday to look it up, check it out, and spread it. I hope that you guys of looked it up and spread it with those whom you associate. In a place where there aren't a fair missionary to member ratio, we need you guys to help us out. Besides, the real spirit of Christmas is to give anyway right? We ended the week really well though with the confirmation of Ernesto. I was honored to have done the ordinance, and can't wait to help him progress even more!
So with that as our focus, we are trying to get our zone here fired up to get some big ol´ work done in Rivera! We also met with the stake president yesterday and set things up with him, and he said that he has been waiting for this place to explode, and that time is now! HOY ES EL DIA EN RIVERA! 
Today we went for a zone waterfight at the lake we went to a couple of weeks ago, and had a blast! Im still just damp because even with the heat, the humidity makes it hard to dry...
I love you guys so much and cant wait to talk to you soon!!! Thanks for everything!
Con amor,
Elder Degn

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