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Nov. 10, 2014

Hey guys sounds like a really fun week, and just for the record, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS JOSH Y BELLA!!!! I sent you guys something in the mail, so I hope it shows up before the big days!! I am also quite frightened by how old the both of you are getting, alright maybe just everyone in general!
Have a good weekend celebrating though!! 
This week was awesome though!! Apart from how blazing hot it is right now, especially since summer JUST BARELY started...We got here at nine thirty in the morning and the sun was uncomfortably hot. We sleep with fans on us all night or else you cant sleep due to heat or mosquitos, but don't worry, we sleep real well. Also, I know that I don't write you very much just because it slips my mind in the moment or I don't feel up to writing so much, so go check out Elder Bentleys blog where there is a very much more in detail account of our doings. Haha I could probably stop right now and just let you read his email and he would say everything I am going to say, but I wont cuz I love ya. 
This past two weeks have been our best two weeks since we got together, and we have found so many promising people and have seen a lot of progression from the majority of them. We found a young couple last week that has a little kid and the husband is evangelical and the wife is catholic, but he said that he was interested to learn about our church because he knows that there are a lot of things that other churches do that aren't right. They´re awesome and I love having chats sitting in the shade with them. 
But we had two huge miracles this week! The first came from Jxxx, one of our investigators that is so smart and well learned in the Bible and such, and we have been trying to get him to read the Book of Mormon but he has been really busy, so we just read with him when we go over, and we went and started reading in 3 nefi 11 in the end that talks about the doctrine of Christ. We read for awhile and when we got to the part about the spirit he stoppèd and asked what we thought about the spirit and how we feel it. He said that he felt the spirit very strong in that moment, and told us that ever since we explained tithing just out of his curiosity, he said that he has been putting aside his tithing, and asking the lord to help him in is work. He said that the results are amazing, that he has been very blessed, and we asked him if he would like to be baptized by someone holding the authority of God. (That was a hard point for him to grasp) And he said yes! He already had plans to go out of town this week, but he should be going from now on! 
Also on Saturdays we play futbol at our chapel and invite all the youth of the ward on in the niehgborhood, and this week we had a really good turnout of all investigative youth. We invited them all to go to church on sunday, and we said that we would wait for them on the corner of their street sunday morning to take the bus together. So me and Elder Bentley are sitting there chilling on the corner and all of a sudden one of them shows up named Bxxx who is 13. He said that he couldn't get the others to wake up, so he just came by himself! Such a little boss! He seemed to like it a lot, and we gave him a Book of Mormon to read at home, so we will see what happèns!!
So this week we are going to Montevideo on Wednesday night for our conferenceThursday, and we are super excited and it should be an awesome conference, we have also been singing a lot to get my deep melodious voice ready to go;) Haha but anyway, thank you guys for everything!! I love you all sooo much and thank the Lord everyday that you guys are my family! Have a good week!!
Con amor,
Elder Degn.

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