Friday, January 2, 2015

Feliz Año nuevo!!!! Dec. 29, 2014

Feliz Año nuevo!!!! Wow, I cannot believe how quickly this past year has gone and that I have spent the whole time here in Uruguay! It was soooo awesome to talk with all of you guys on Christmas, it was the best part of my day!! The only thing that does freak me out a little bit is how old everyone is starting to look....and sound....all of my comps here where like ´why the heck does your brother have such a deep voice?´ Couldn't convince them he got it from me, so oh well. I think my spanish voice is a little higher than my english voice anyway;) This week was really fun and full of great festivities and great activities. Something really fun that we did was go around caroling to all of the members in the ward, and we sang a mix of hymns and groovy Feliz Navidad in english and spanish, they thought it was a hoot. We also received so much food from members that we didn't have room to store it all and we could not eat all of it fast enough before it went bad....we had a pretty good cleaning day as well for that. Just like christmas at home right?;) 
Thank you so much for the packages by the way!! The shoes work soooo good and the ties are awesome! Elder Toledo is wearing one and I am wearing one of the others for concilio that we have tomorrow! Oh yeah, we leave tonight to head to Montevideo to have the meeting with President Smith and all the ZLs and Hermana leaders, so we will be there all day tomorrow and then get home late tomorrow night. Lots of traveling again, but it will be well worth it. President has a lot of big things planned for this year and I am really exited to be able to go and get it first hand from him! (Also to eat the food from the Hermana Smith;) All in all it is going to be a pretty good little day trip! I will also see Elder Diotaiuti for the last time because he heads home in two weeks! Crazy right? He has been a great example and one of my best friends here in the mission, and I cant wait to see him after! 
The truth is that we have a lot of people that we have been working a lot with and that we have found recently and that are in the process of accepting more light in their lives. We have seen the power of the spirit in their lives, and we are really looking forward to helping them this week! We have been working really hard to help our zone and ward, and we are starting to see some really good changes and results! New Years is going to be crazy, but I am super excited, it is going to be wild here!!! You guys have fun and enjoy the week and the cold weather...I've been sweating all day:) I love you guys tons!!! Thank you for everything!!!
Elder Degn
ps. Say hi to Zoe for me!

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