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Ernesto=Milagro!! Nov. 24, 2014

Hey guys Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I cant believe that it is already here and that you guys are going to just be eating a ton and having a jolly good time. That is awesome that you will be with the Degn family, say hi to everyone for me! For us it will most likely just be a regular day with maybe a moment of silence for all of the food we are missing out on. Honestly absolutely unexistent here, but I can't wait for next years Thanksgiving!;) 
Today has been a super fun and crazy pday so far! We went this morning to the stake center and had a water balloon fight with the whole zone and it was really fun especially because it is so hot! We also just got soccer banned by our president because of how many people of gotten hurt recently, so this was one of the approved things we can do now:) After that we went to the line to eat hot dogs and there we ran across two sisters from the Brazilian mission. One was american and the other was peruvian. IT was really funny talking to the american in portuguese because that was all she new, and then the little new peruvian missionary that felt so good speaking in spanish again, and the american girl not understanding very much. It was super confusing, and mixed with the english, my head was spinning again by the end. It was really funny and a nice run in on the line. 
But this week was awesome!! We have had some awesome stuff going on, and the top highlight is my main man Ernesto! I dont remember very well if I told you guys about him, but he is a 73 year old man that is in our area that said he was baptized 48 years ago in Tacuaembo and then hadnt gone in 46 years to church. When we first started teaching him, he wasnt going because he didnt want to leave his little store unlocked for the whole time and didnt have anything to lock it with. so we got him a padlock and he hasnt missed church since. TWO months ago. He has a bum leg and rides his bike to church every week! So anyways we have basically been teaching him EVERYTHING from the begining just as retention lessons to help him out and remember everything again. We could not get our hands on his records, and we didnt even know if they existed, so we called Pte. Smith who talked to the leaders of the area in charge of records that have access to all possible sources, and they responded saying that he has no record in the church. It could have been that in that time records where all kept here with paper and easily misplaced or lost in some way, or it might never have happened. Either way, Ernesto is very excited to know that he is going to be able to be baptized again and never leave the path again! Luckily we have been teaching everything, and he has accepted everything wholeheartedly, so all he needed was a interview, which he already had, and he is going to be baptized on this Sunday, Elder Bentleys last sunday here! It has been crazy how this all happened and that now we are getting ready for a baptism! 
We have been seeing quite a bit of success as well thanks to some hard work and the hand of the Lord. We have been trying so hard to get Jxxx to church, because that is really all he is faulting to be baptized. He wants to be baptized, but he needs to go to church; its been killing us and we thought we had him for sure this week, but not yet...Our church attendance has been going up pretty good as well and staying there! We have been above fifty for three weeks in a row which is very good compared to the 30-40 we had when I first got here. We have a couple of members that are bringing friends that we are teaching and that is showing a lot of potential so we are really excited to see how that works out as well! Elder Bentley and I have had such a good time here together and seen so many miracles, and we are definitely going to go out with a bang here together on this last week of the change!! Thank you guys for everything! I love you all!! 
Con todo mi amor,
Elder Degn
ps. The storm during sunset, pretty neat eh?

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