Monday, January 19, 2015


Hey guys hows it going? Greetings from Paysandú!!! Crazy Right? I honestly can't believe that I am here right now and that I left Rivera so fast. It really was tough to leave after I had my mind set on staying for another change, but what can you do. I really left some true friends out there. Apart from that, I LOVE PAYSANDÚ!! It is so sweet here!! It doesn't really have the craziness of the Brazilian border, but it is such a cool place! It also is sweet because we live in such a nice house!! It is the entire fourth floor of a five story apartment building. Right. in . the. middle. of . dowtown. It is nuts!! It is like living in the gateway mall enserio. It is a party everyday outside of the house. It is so big because we live with six missionaries with room to spare. It is awesome!! We have the best room because please, we are the Zone Leaders. (Chiste, but its true about the room) The craziest part too is that from our balcony on one side you can see the big ol bridge that goes to Argentina. Its huge! I just stand out there some times and my mind gets blown thinking that six days ago I was in Brasil. The mission  is sooo nuts, I love it!!!  (Thats crazy though right? Three countries in five days? maybe not for dad, but for us normal folk..:) But it is super hard for us to cross. Nothing like Brasil, Argentina is super strict, especially with Americans, so I will probably never be able to go. But I can see it....
Nuts, but anyway, I also love my area and my comp! Elder Silva is from Paraiba, Brasil, and ends in May I think. He is honestly one of the coolest dudes ever and we already get along like brothers! He is such a stud and basically can do everything. His mom is a professional chef, so he cooks sooo good, does MMA, dances samba, sings, and is a boss missionary! We are opening an area in Nuevo Paysandú which is out close to the bridge. Our area doesn't make it to the bridge, but it is out there and is pretty big and takes a long time to walk around as we have found out:) It is my first time opening an area but I love it!! It has been so much fun just walking around half lost all the time just talking to everyone looking for members and people to teach. We have already seen so many miracles, I cannot wait to see how this week goes where we can get a whole week in getting the work done!! Our ward is awesome and has so much potential!! I We have a great bishop that was also a professional volleyball player, super random, but it makes sense because he is super tall for a Uruguayan, almost as tall as me;) He reminds me of Abraham Lincoln minus the facial hair. We also have the capilla right in the middle of our area and it is huge! I'm not used to it at all and it is awesome!! We contact people and we are like, ¨yeah its that super nice church right there, wanna go with us?¨ Its ridiculous to be honest. I have never had that before in my mission, and we are going to get some serious work done here!!! Honestly I love it here so much, I love my area, I love my comp, and I love what I do!!!! 
You guys are the best and I hope you all have a good week!! 
Con todo mi amor,
Elder Z. Degn
ps. I almost cried in the grocery store here, I miss Brazilian import, so much cheaper....

 Bridge to Argentina in the background

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