Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy Halloween!! Nov. 3, 2014

Hey kiddos happy halloween! Everybody looked super jazzy in  their costumes, unfortunately nobody really celebrates it here. Just a handful of kids walking around not even dressed up asking for candy from almacens. Its too bad because E Bentley and I were working up some real good door approaches to get candy and get a spiritual thought in as well:) It was still a really good day though. Also in two weeks we have a combined mission conference again in Montevideo and I have been asked to be in the combined choir! Really surprised but really excited as well! {might be a big general authority coming, so maybe I will get a glimpse:)}
This week was awesome though and we really saw the hand of the Lord so much with us! We contacted a ton and found so many good people! Also found some really big dogs as well. We clapped at a house and there was a german shephard sitting in the grass and it didn't look very big until we realized how tall the grass was and it stood up to my waist level and ran right up in front of me barking growling with the mouth wide open. I prayed real hard and luckily it let us leave and then I just tried to get my heart to start beating again. Real close...haha almost as close as Elder Bentley yesterday when we went to go with a investigator to church. They were still sleeping and the dog didn't like us being there so early. Haha we got out of there quick as I was pulling him out by his backpack. Luckily nothing has happened still. We received a reference about a woman that recently had her dad pass away and is really struggling still. We went and she was very reluctant at first but we were able to go inside and visit with her and she was so beat up over the loss of her dad she could barely tell us what had happened. All we could just do is testify of the plan  of salvation and we really caught her attention and had the spirit right there as well. When we had to leave I gave her the pamphlet and she asked if it was about Jose Smith, I smiled and said no, but that she will still like it:) We are really excited to go back and see her this week and see where we can go with her!
We also had a really good turnout yesterday in church by menos activos that we have been working with which was awesome and we could really see the fruit of the labor. It made me feel soo good to get see them there and to participate in the classes and enjoy the day! Still no investigators there, but we are making progress every week!! Haha we also got stopped in the street of our area by a really drunk brazilian guy that gave us big hugs and almost passed out in my arms. Named Manuel. Portuguese isnt too bad, but drunk portuguese is a joke. Hardly understood a darn thing. Fun conversation though!
I love you guys so much and love hearing about you all and your adventures! Thanks for everything you do and have a good week! I love you guys tons!!!!
Todo mi amor,
Elder Degn

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