Friday, January 2, 2015

Guitar playing missionaries! Dec. 15, 2014

Hey guys thanks for the fun fotos of the week, everyone is looking so old and I am getting a little bit nervous to really seeing you guys in two weeks! Just let me know what time you guys need me to call on Christmas. It will most likely be Christmas day, and the hour I can arrange with a member here, so let me know what hour for you guys works best. SUPER PUMPED!!!!! Today has been a really chill pday, my comp is in pretty bad shape because he broke his leg before the mission really bad, and recently he has had some major problems. He is in a lot of pain, but he has been a example to me because once we leave the house I never hear a word about it and he works like nothing happened. However we have been to multiple doctors offices and the system here is terrible, but we finally have a big appointment set up in Brasil this week, so hopefully he can get the help he needs. This morning we went and got hair cuts and the old guy that cuts our hair is also a musician and Elder Toledo was in a rock band before, so he pulled out his guitar to play while he cut my hair, then he passed it to me when he went to cut his hair, and I just strummed some of the chords I remembered from high school, and then a brazilian guy walked in, told me in really closed portuguese that he sang in his church and wanted me to play a song for him to sing. So I just played some good chord patterns while he sang about Jesus and love and peace. Not a bad contact at all....wasn't Hotel California, but still got the job done:) 
This week has been awesome though! Right when most of our investigators started hitting the wall, a couple of new ones just popped right up and gave us the boost we needed to keep worked hard. I really am learning a ton from Elder Toledo, and I almost feel like I am being trained again. But anyways, the daughter and boyfriend of a member in the ward all of sudden have a ton of interest and have been to church two weeks in a row and we went over and taught them the plan of salvation this week and it went super good! They had a friend there with them and so we were partially correcting his evangelical doctrine, but it was great because it all made sense to him too! Later in the week we went and contacted that guys house and his brother was there and they both are super solid guys with religious backgrounds but aren't completely glued to their pastor and are open to new things and we also had a really good charla with him. They are like two Uruguayan rednecks. Beards, tractors, accents, and good ol´religious hospitality. Ernesto is also doing great! He is learning tons and loving every minute of it! This week is going to be a really big week for us, we leave tonight/tomorrow morning (4 am)  to go to Montevideo to do Temple work for our ancestors and have interviews with President Smith! Im super pumped and kinda nervous because it will also be my first zone capacitation right there in front of president and the APs, but it will go well. We are gonig to be there until Wednesday, so these last couple days of this week are going to be working like crazy! We have our ward party on saturday and on sunday the missionary fireside that we are working really hard on. All the missionaries in Rivera are forming the choir, and we have been practicing for over a month and we are inviting everyone so it is going to be sooo good!!!! 
Well kiddos have a good week and enjoy the cool temps! THis week was not too hot, but this one right now is getting really warm already, luckily we are going to Montevideo where it is cooler, and to see ELDER BENTLEY!!

I love you guys soo much and cant wait to talk to you soon! THank you for everything!!
Con amor,

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