Friday, January 2, 2015

Due to technical difficulties I have not updated in awhile but we are back!! Here are Zach's updates...

October 27, 2014

Hola muchachos como estan? I also cannot believe that it has already been another week! Thanks for the fotos of Josh and his date, they were looking real good! But that picture with Josh and dad freaked me out a little bit, is he standing on a stack of phonebooks or something? But really, there is no way he is that tall. For mom, this morning we went and took the 15 minute bus ride into the centro and played futbol with a bunch of other missionaries. This change there are a lot more latinos, so we get a pretty good game rolling. Elder Bentley and I are the gringo dynamic duo. He plays better than all but maybe two latinos, and we were on the same team and wrecked. Then we went to the line to get hotdogs in the big plaza international. After that we walked back to the cyber on Sarandi (Main street) and we are still here. It is usually about 30  pesos to use the computers for a hour and a half, which is almost a buck fifty. Not bad eh? After this we are going to go look around to buy sombreros for proselyting. It is getting sooo hot already! We sleep with fans on just to keep the humidity out of the house. It isn't too bad at night, but it is warming up real quick. Barely stopped sweating in here about twenty minutes ago. Luckily we have an awesome little Brazilian woman in our ward that washes our shirts, and the collars come out surprisingly white! (Also good thing I've only got one more summer here, my shirts wouldn't be able to take another one) 
But we did have a really good week even though this week was the national elections of the country, so everyone has been going crazy! Here in Uruguay it is mandatory to vote, so absolutely everyone had to go. It also just so happened that the elections were on Sunday! NOOOOO! A lot of people didn't go, but I was still surprised at how many went. Little blessings my friends, little blessings. It also complicated things with one of our top investigators, Jxxx. He is awesome, but involved like crazy in politics, weren't even able to go see him this week. We have so many people that are so close to moving forward! AH it kills me sometimes how close we are but how we are still stuck with getting people to progress like they can and need to. We did have an awesome charla with a family named familia Xxxx. We found them contacting awhile back and were scarily very nice to us, and we came back and had a fantastic charla with them and almost* saw them in church. Haha we also recontacted a house we went to awhile back, and this time it was a woman instead of the man we contacted, turns out to be his wife, and she was just saying ´´Eu soi brazilera¨ and we were like ¨Nosso som misioneros¨ Nailed it!!!! First Portuguese contact! Thankfully, she knew some spanish as well so we could get through the conversation, but she was really nice to us so we are going to be practicing our portuguese and head on back! I love it so much! We are gettting there!
I hope you guys all have a good week and enjoy the awesome fall weather! Love you guys so much, thanks for everything!!
Todo mi amor,
Elder Degn

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