Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 13, 2015--El Cerro!!

Hey guys sounds like everyone had a pretty good week apart from joshy boy #cararota jaja sorry buddy, glad to hear that it was all for a good cause though:) I also loved the foto of my man parker!! Thank you guys so much for inviting him over and treating him good. He definitely deserves it and I hope that you were able to tell him how much I love him too. It was tough leaving Elder Silva and Paysandu, but they are all in good hands. This past week in el cerro has been awesome!! My comp Elder Gonzalez is a boss and we get along really well and work really well together as well. The area is pumping right now as well as the whole zone, this place is a animal in and of itself! Our ward has had a good amount of baptisms recently and so we have plenty of work to do helping them stay on the path, and we have two investigators lined up right now to be baptized in two weeks! One is named Graciela and is a really big example for me. She is 24 and comes from a very very difficult family situation but comes to church without fail and has been reading the book of mormon for the past couple of months, and is really excited to be able to be baptized now. She is so funny because she likes chatting with us about everything and then when she is kinda by herself for a minute she starts writing in a little journal. I dont really know what she writes about, but she just smiles the whole time so I think they are jokes about us:) But apart from her there is an older woman that is coming to church as well named Katy that was introduced to the church by her lawyer and loves learning and talking as well! She lives really far away  but takes the bus with the other members that live out there. Our ward is awesome and huge!! It is one of the biggest and oldest wards in Uruguay. President Smith started his mission in this area when he served here, and so he comes every now and then to visit his converts and go to church. It is really weird to have a area where everyone knows him basically, but it is really sweet at the same time. Also we share a ward with two other missionaries, and one is Elder Toldeo! He served in this ward a year ago and now has come back here to finish his mission. It is crazy being with him again and living together again, well kinda, he lives upstairs and we live downstairs and they arent connected so there isnt a ton of interaction, but its still fun! Our house is super nice as well, literally next to the forteleza. On the first street down. Really sweet just kind of a killer to hike to every time we go home. Im soo excited to work in this area and be able to see the miracles that will happen! 
I love you guys so much and hope you all have a good week!
Con amor,
Elder Degn
ps. My comps sister is in Utah right now visiting friends from her mission, Im going to pass him our address and see if she wants to pass by to visit. (if she wants that is) She is in west valley, so really close. Just a heads up, thanks!!
pss. Me and Gonzalez at the forteleza!!

 At Forteleza

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