Tuesday, April 28, 2015

March 9, 2015 Happy Birthday Week Zach!!

Hey guys thanks for all the good wishes, I hope that you all enjoy this last week of me being 19! Im sure it will be just like all the others...haha but do enjoy some good Texas sheetcake in my honor on saturday! The birthday is really such a funny thing in the mission because everyday seems the same and the only difference is that there might be a cake or something. Im really just excited to be able to say that I will be 20 so that people stop giving me a hard time for looking so darn old. But really I just feel the same, working on keeping the old man body in shape is all;) But really, thanks guys, I love you all tons!!
But anyways this past week was absolutely awesome! We did divisions with our boys Elder Woodcock and Elder Nielson and we had a great day working with them, and then apart from that we just found sooo many new people to teach!! It is funny because there are so many people that live in our area that are baptized but inactive, that almost every contact we do there seems to be someone that is already a member of the church, which either helps a lot, or doesn't help at all. But it was just awesome to see how we were able to find such solid people that were really right under our noses the whole time. I'm pretty sure I mentioned the family of Yaquelin before, she was baptized a couple of months ago, and we are working with her daughter now that she is going to church really good again, and now she is getting to be baptized at the end of this month! Also, one of the biggest miracles we saw was with a woman that was a reference from a member that has a lot of problems with her family and other things, and Silva went on divisions and met her then the we went twice together taught her about the restauration and the gospel and prayer and the atonement, and we saw a huge change in her! In a very short time she recieved a huge desire to go to church and wanted to bring her two grandkids that are 11 and 8. We were so pumped because we also invited her to get baptized and she accepted in a heartbeat! It was just amazing! She was so enthusiastic to read what we left her and go to church with the member that she knows, but then was unable to go because of family problems. {her kids sold her nice shoes to buy drugs, so she felt embarassed to go in flip flops. We didnt get there till later to be able to explain to her that it would have been just fine..} But we have big hopes for her! We also found a super solid young couple, and when we contacted them we were thinking a bunch of new investigators, then in the next few minutes find out that he was a member, his sister and father as well, but that his girlfriend wasn't. But it was great because she was the most interested and enthusiastic! We also had a girl contact us in the street asking us about our church and as we struck up conversation it turned out that she was a long-lost relative of the member that was working with us. Such a crazy little family reunion that went down right there, it was nuts. She was really young, like 20 maybe, but with loads of problems, very catholic, but at the moment very lost espiritually. We taught her a little bit right there and invited her to church, but she didnt make it either. Honestly the day everyone we find and teach goes to church we will need a much bigger chapel. It will be glorious! But until then we will continue working to followup and get back in contact with everyone we found and already had! I know this work is real and that the Lord is above it all. I love what I do, and there is nowhere else I would rather be!!
Thank you for everything you do and for who you are!! I love you all!!!
Elder Degn

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