Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 7, 2015

Hey everybody, Happy Easter!!! It looks like you guys had a AWESOME week with traveling and conference, and I hope you loved conference too!! I just hope that Hannah doesnt take it too seriuosly and get herself married here before I get home;) We were able to watch it just fine here in English with our little posse of gringos, so we didnt miss a single beat. Really though, I love conference!! Crazy to think thats the last one on the mission right? Feels like just yesterday I saw the last one with Elder Bentley in Rivera.... moving on.

 In other news, we did get changes this week and I am going back to Gotham City! Im sooo pumped!! Im going back to EL CERRO de Montevideo!! Crazy right!? Im going to the ward that is next to my old ward and that is literally right on the cerro. If you look up the fortress that is there, my house is in the first block down from it. The pictures I sent last week overlooking everything, yeah that was from what is now my house. Super crazy!!! My area is called Casab√≥ and Santa Catalina. Its funny because you say Casabo to any Uruguayan in any city, and they all cringe and give you a hug like, ¨It was nice knowing you...:¨ haha its funny because everyone on the outside looking in doesnt like Cerro, but for those that have served there, they love it. I am so excited to be able to go back and serve in the place where I recieved some of the strongest testimonies of my life. My new companion is going to be a Chilean named Elder Gonzales! I met him this past change and I like him a ton and am really excited to be comps with him! I will most likely be his last comp, he ends in June or July, and then I will most likely finish the mision there. Crazy that it has come, but I am very excited to get to serve in Casabo. 
So thats that, and I am still in Paysandu until tomorrow, but I am really sad to leave so many friends that I have here. This has been my shortest time in a area, three months, but I feel like I have grown closer to some people here than in other places with more time. I am definitely leaving it all behind in good hands with Elder Silva and I know that he is going to make this place explode in his last change in the mission. He has been a great example to me of ending strong, and this last change will be a great one to go out on. We have seen some great growth here and we have met some amazing people that have been real examples to me. I have seen the Lord change lives here, and I am really just grateful to have been a part of it. Its too bad that I will not be here for the baptism of Lucresia that is next week, but it really is awesome to see her and her mom progress in the gospel. They are flying! Also with Estela, even though she can't get baptized right now because she has to go through a complitcated process to get married, she is still going to church and pushing foward. We also have recently been helping a guy that got baptized a couple of years ago but that is trying to come back after a while outside, and we went for the first time and talked about what he was doing and what he needs to fix to get everything back in line, and he did it. Immediately. He went to church three weeks in a row ever since, including the conference and we taught him about the temple, and it is really amazing to see the light in peoples´ eyes when they grasp what the temple really is and means. He is doing everything possible to make it there. I am So grateful for the knowledge that I have of the gospel in my life and for the covenants that I have made with my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful the oportunity that I had to serve in Paysandu, and the people that I met here and for the experiences that I have had. I know that Christ LIVES. I know this is his church, that He loves us and has provided a way to return to Him. Many times this past week we taught about the ressurection, and to many people they just focus on the death of Jesucristo and dont understand or even know much about his Resurrecion, and what it means for us. How grateful I am for His Resurecion! The hope we can have for the future all was made possible through Him who is powerful to save. I love you all and am so grateful for the eternal family that we have the potential to become. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen. 
Con amor,
Elder Degn
ps. Our final district lunch!

 Loving General Conference!
 Ward Mission Leader
 My Good Friend!! Awesome young man.

 My little buddy!

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