Tuesday, April 28, 2015

March 23, 2015

Hey guys hows it going!? I've got to start off and say thanks for the packages that you guys sent for my birthday! Today the offices sent us the the mail stuff and I got all of it at once! It has got awesome stuff and I'm really pumped for the new shirts, sweater and pants! My black pants are really beat up and so these new ones were really needed. And the protein as well! I've been doing p90x for two weeks straight now and maybe its just because I haven't worked like that in a long time but I feel like I am getting a whole lot bigger. Really crazy actually but I feel soo good! So thank you so much for sending me the protein!! 
This week was honestly amazing though! We did do a bit of traveling thought but not as much as we thought it would be. We went to concilio on tuesday which was awesome! We talked about everything that we need to do to be more efficient in the mission and how we can change things to make it better. Always just kinda mind blowing seeing the long term mindset of presidente Smith, but it really helps us remember what we are here for. We are really trying to focus on starting with the end in mind, and something that we are being instructed to teach to members is the doctrine of the Gathering of Israel. For months now I have been studying and it has completely blown my mind and changed my mindset about the Book of Mormon and the plan of God. It is all just so perfect!! As we teach and study we are trying to get the members to think about the Gathering of Israel in every moment! It really helps to understand what is happening right now and how the Lord allows us to participate in his work!! I love it and I now that it is happening! 
But anyways back in Paysandu we worked a bunch with our investigators, and really made some awesome progress! We have decided to push back a little bit the baptisimal date of one just to make sure she is all set and that she feels like she is ready too. Still really excited for it all though! On Saturday we had the zone conference and interviews with President Smith, who was in town for the whole weekend because he was invited to the stake conference this week as well, and it was such a awesome weekend! We had a awesome capacitation from him and he is helping everyone understand and be able to apply the direction of the area and the mission. Our stake conference was also amazing! There was an area seventy as well and they really gave great messages to help the stake be able to continue to grow. In the general session on Sunday all of the messages were incredible and there was such a powerful spirit! It was amazing as well because there were more people that were in the stake conference than any other week in the stake since I have been here! It was a full house! It was really one of the best stake conferences that I have ever been too, and we are so excited to see how we will be able to progress even more from here on out! Today is the day that the Lord is hastening his work, and now is the moment to save His vineyard! I know it, I love it, and I live it! 
Thank you guys for who you are! I love yall so much!! 
Con mucho amor,
Elder Degn
ps. Me, my roomates E´ Neilson y E´ Woodcock and the Assistant Elder Stafieri that stayed with us for two days. He is traveling all over Uruguay with Pte this week, so he was our guest on their stay in Pdu. Awesome dude and big chargers fan! Goes home in 10 days....

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