Tuesday, April 28, 2015

February 16, 2015

Alright.....so first off, Im real freaked out seeing Hannah back in the homeland with the whole crew. I cannot believe that the moment has come and gone. I love you Hannah, just hit me up with some packages and cartas while you can cuz yall know, six more months and Im up too...jaja alright honestly Im happy for Hannah but Im glad we can all stop being so trunky so that my pdays arent so darn hard anymore. Moving on...
So this past week was honestly super crazy complicated and this one is going to be crazy as well! We spent one and a half days working in our area, just the joys of being the ZLs...We had a day were we spent the whole afternoon shopping for the Hermanas that moved into a new house and taking care of some of that stuff,  the next day we had stuff go down in the other hermanas house, and then in the afternoon the missionary couple that works in the offices came to paysandu to fix a bunch of problems we have with the houses that the mission is renting here, so we had to show them around, and then there were emergency changes in Argentina, so we had to recieve the new guy here, and send the guy from argentina to Salto. It is super complicated for missionaries to cross into argentina, the just cause problems for the missionaries no mas. We have learned with the ZLs over there that the only way to make it work without getting anyone thrown out of the country or slammed with a huge fine is traveling undercover. They travel in pday clothes, and then take off their placas when the get to the bridge, and pass without problems, even the Americans. Crazy right?? But we definitely felt like we were doing a human smugling deal just because everyone thinks the missionaries are perfect little angels...ya something like that:) So that was a crazy day, and then we went to Montevideo for the next day which was great! It was a awesome conference with the leaders and President, where we basically just repased all of the changes that are going on in the mission this year, but to make sure that we follow the plan that we have recieved from the area presidency, it is a very inspired plan for this part of the world, and we are starting to see the results of it, it just takes a lot of effort and a change of mindset, and that is what we are working on, but the work is going on!!!
So we got home and started running around to all of our people to get them all fired up for church and everything, but just about everyone is out on vacation because right now it is holidays for carnaval. south america is crazy about carnaval, and Elder Silva my brazuca keeps going wild randomly. (he is super excited to go back to carnaval;) But we did have some great charlas with some less active members we are working with and they went to church for the first time in five years!! Super pumped about that!! We also found a woman that knows a lot about the church but that had her daughter pass away in a moto accident two months ago, and we had a great first experience with her, and are super excited to go back to visit her again. The work is definitely going good, and we are making some really good progress, and we have some big hopes for this week as well! We are working with so much potential, and I know that it will soon pay off!! Im so grateful for the plan of salvation and for my eternal family!
This week we have a bunch of activities in the ward and stake because everyone is taking advantage of the vacations, and then on saturday we are going to Tacuarembo for a conference with half the mission and Elder ViƱas of the 70, a uruguayo!! I am super pumped!! so we are in for another great week as well!! I love you guys soo much!!! Take care!
Con amor,
Elder Degn
ps, turning into the uruguayo doing the bbq for the zone today at our zone activity at the beach, super boss!

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