Tuesday, April 28, 2015

February 24, 2015

Hey guys glad to hear that you all had another great week with the wonderful ex-hermana Degn and that the sports are all going well still with everyone, really sounds like quite the schedule. Im also excited to drive around in the new Fun-vee as well when I get back! It would be nice to get a foto or two of our cars, I still havent seen either one...But yeah, glad that you are all doing good! That is also awesome that you got a letter from Elder Bentley! He told me about that, haha it is funny becasue we still talk quite a lot because now he is the senior financer in the mission and so we always have to talk to him when we have got problems with stuff in the zone. My little boys´ all grown up and off to war! #proudfather
This week for us has been strait up crazy and this one is also going to be super nuts as well, but Im pumped for it! This past week we inverted a lot of time in a stake activity, (we are part of the stake board of activities) and a ward activity. We also did a zone activity which was super fun, but lets just say that we did a whole ton lot of planning and working for all of them and that I dont really want to have that calling, too much stress. Just leave me alone as scout master and call it good. It was a ton of work and planning and last minute crunching, but in the end it all came through, and the stake activity was a huge hit! We did the activity of Lehi´s Dream. It started outside but then there was a chord that ran throught the outside and then inside through many rooms of the chapel and it was basically like a haunghted house idea. Everyone had to walk blindfolded and then be ´tempted´ by all the distractions of the world until they arrived at the sacrament room and it was closed off with peace ful music and a tree with the fruit on it, it was awesome and really impacted a lot of people. We also left on Saturday at 230 in the morning for a conference in Tacuarembo with Elder Viñas of the seventy, which was awesome! I learned soooo much! Everytime I feel like I am smart we have a conference and I just get my knowledge destroyed. So much more to learn, but I love it! He is Uruguayo and talked a lot about stuff that we need to do to establish the church here and help the members grow spiritually to make the church more solid. Really a awesome day and I saw a bunch of friends! It is freaking me out though because I dont want to admit that I am old in the mission but I now dont even recognize half of the missionaries that I see when we go to conferences. Super crazy. So anyways, apart from all of that, yes we were able to get some work done which was great, and it came through because one of the families we visit came to church again! She is awesome and got baptized in November, then went inactive for awhile but now she is coming back and she brought her whole family to church on Sunday and we are talking with her daughter to get her ready to be baptized! Right now we are in a spot where I feel like there is so much potential and that in the moment that we get to everyone in the week that they will get moving! We have some super solid investigators and one is the family that we met the first week here, and we gave her the book of mormon and she just thanked us and said that she was really needing it. I love those moments so much. Makes everything worth it. 
This week was also changes, I hope you realize that now when I dont write on Mondays that is what it means. Thankfully Elder Silva and I are staying together here in Pdú!! I cant believe how fast this change went by and I cant believe how little time there is left. This change is going to be awesome because there are a lot of great missionaries coming to our zone. The only down side is that this week we are basically going to be travel agents/real estate agents/jedi knights. Apart from that last one it is all real. We have already started sending off missionaries, and all day tomorrow we have people coming and going to and from and pasing through Paysandú. And guess who has all the tickets? Thats right, this guy. So it is going to be a crazy couple of days here, but it is going to be a great start to a awesome change! 
Well guys thank you so much  for who you are and all that you do for me here in Uruguay! Les quiero con todo mi corazón!
Elder Degn
ps. Elder Sanchez goes home tonight!! I have been living with him this last change. Really fun to remanice with him before he left. 

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