Tuesday, April 28, 2015

March 2, 2015

Hey guys happy march!! Yeah I cant believe that it is here either, its going by sooo fast. And no, I dont feel like I should be 20 yet either. I feel kinda the same that I was when I was nineteen....I honestly am just glad to be able to stop saying 19, absolutely NO ONE believes me. Don't know if thats good or bad, but I will take it. That is awesome that Dio made it to you guys, I'm so glad you were able to meet him. I love that guy a ton and it was crazy to see him in our house, I was with him a month ago! For Dads information, we will have changes now in 6 weeks, I think in the first week of April, right after General Conference.

But this was a super crazy week for the changes, there were about fifteen missionaries that came and left through Paysandu, and we ran that place like kings! Got about three hours of sleep, but apart from that there weren't any problems. One of the companionships that we live with got taken out, so now our house is just four. But it is soo big!! We got a better bathroom now, so that is really nice. The truth is that it has been a bit tricky up to now to get our investigators to progress but we are seeing some really good movement from a couple of people. We are teaching a family that the mom was baptized three months ago then went inactive shortly thereafter, but she is coming back good now and we are teaching her daughter as well to be able to be baptized as well, and she is coming along really good too! She is just needing her time to be able to understand everything well. We also had an awesome experience with a family that is all members that we are working with to get active again and that are progressing. We went to do a family night with them and the girlfriend/partner of one of the sons was with us and she starting asking a ton of questions and sharing experiences about her believes and we answered her questions and taught her about the restauracion and the spirit was super strong and she just wants to follow God and do things right. She said that she wants to get married to set things strait, and we were both like, ´sorry what???´ miracles!!! We really hope that she is able to progress too, this week was complicated for them, but we have some really big hopes for her! 
This week we had a great experience leaving with a 23 year old guy that got baptized a month ago and is set on going on the mission. His name is Alfredo, and he is such a stud! He is from a different ward in the stake, but wants to leave to work with all the missionaries, so we took him out and we found a woman that has been suffering on the inside about the unexpected death of her husband a few months ago, and Alfredo was just ready with his testimony of going through the same thing with his mom six months ago as well. It was increadible to see someone without training or practice just give it all from the heart, thats really how it should be. Really impacted him, us, and the woman, she is very very catholic, but we made a big impression on her and are very excited for what will come.
Our ward is growing and we are seeing little miracles every day! I love you guys so much and I know this gospel is true!! Thanks for everything you do for me!
CuĂ­dense y que pasen bien. 
Les quiero,
Elder Degn
ps. Elder Silva in the elevator with a bunch of stuff we were moving to other houses during changes...we may or may not have walked around the city carrying beds on our backs...the things we do for hermanas;) 

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